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i'm first


Ron Shurkus

Its great to see people still inventing one of a kind American made products.
Great story!


i absoutly luv those types of inventions it is like 4 things in one crazy


FYI - this guy is the same guy Damian J. Renzello trying to say he invented Porta Rinx LOL I cant believe how slimey some people are BE CAREFUL there is this guy Renzelo in Vermont that claims to have invented the name Porta Rinx I only know about him because he jumped all over a post I made to a web discussion about porta rinx kits. When I checked out this Renzello guys website portarinx.com he has this big "web warning" on his site claiming someone is "slandering" his product name and claiming he is the only porta rinx dealer on the planet and that he has been doing it for 10 years. What a joke!

I made a nice post regarding the prota rinx our family has been building since 1971 and this guy Renzelli from Montpeleir Vermont snaps back challenging my post.

We all just want to "Warn People" not to get ripped off and scammed by the Vermont USA company run by this Damien Renzello. This guy did not "invent" porta rinx and it looks like he does nothing more than repackage the porta rinx PVC kit sold in magazines but this guy takes a 200 dollar rink and resells it for two thousand dollars!

Here is a real web warning I googled this guys name :"Damian J. Renzello" and I found this "Fraud Against the Government is Rampant in Vermont According to Court Documents" http://express-press-release.com/35/Fraud%20Against%20the%20Government%20is%20Rampant%20in%20Vermont%20According%20to%20Court%20Documents.php I hadnt read the whole thing but would guess this guy who claims to have invented porta rinx has been ripping off more than just your average hockey family claiming to have invented porta rinx The article says Renzello deliberately falsified some documents to defraud the Unted States Judicary! This has got to be the same joker that is postin stuff on my posts. The article also tells that Renzelo has been in many lawsuits and even said the Vermont Attorney General took action against him for "violation of the Consumer Fraud Act" and something about him having "deceived consumers".

Don't get taken by this Renzello character nor believe his posts. Just Google him and the name porta rinx and you will find many companies sellling the same rinx for thousands of dollars less.

If anyone wants help building their own porta rinx or wants to buy directly from the source email me or check out a reputable source to buy from like Amazon http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0006NDBPM/ref=nosim/?tag=dealtime-toys-20&creative=380333&creativeASIN=B0006NDBPM&linkCode=asn

Damian Renzello

This guy David Black … aka Mike Nelson is full of it! I do not resell kits, I manufacture them from scratch! period! Please do not believe this so called David Black aka Mike Nelson I have had 5 years of problems with this guy so has many many others … once again check out my web site, www.PortaRinxandBambini.com - check out my news articles, which dates back 10 years ago and also check out my letters from past customers, Please do not be mis led by this crack head! he has got to be one of the worlds greatest Losers/cyber squatters.

PS David why don’t you, if you are for real why dont you just give me a phone call

PS I do not own Portarinx.com Mike Nelson aka David Black does!

for more info on David Black aka Mike Nelson

Check out …

also check out … This story explains it all!


Thank you folks …
and may the world pay you back - David Black aka Mike Nelson … in all possible ways for slandering a good guy with good intentions for all your slanderous comments. 10 times fold

and for all of you seriously looking for a portable kit for an ice skating rink … talk to you soon, Damian

bahij kashou

somenoe needs to invent a zamboni with an edger on it so everything can be done at once and i dont have to waste money to buy an edger seprate and hire people to work an axtra 5 minutes to edge the ice

bahij kashou

somenoe needs to invent a zamboni with an edger on it so everything can be done at once and i dont have to waste money to buy an edger seprate and hire people to work an axtra 5 minutes to edge the ice

Upset in New Hampshire

This Renzello character ripped us off! Watch out, we thought we were dealing with a real company and we obviously were not! Damian Renzello is worse than the worse scammer! WATCH OUT! We have called everyone we can for help in this situation, he sells shoddy products and one of them is even some kit he just resells, at massive mark-up! We can't get any support, our kids lost their skating season! Don't buy Damian Renzello's ice rink kit or bambini machine he is a RIP OFF ARTIST!

REPORT THIS SCUM to the Authorities, seems he has been in trouble in Federal Court, with the vermont Attorney General, the BBB has a file on him, the State Police in Vermont know he is a scammer, the local attorneys in Vermont know he is a scammer! The chamber of commerce in vermont never heard of him but the woman did say they have lots of complaints about him.

This guy is nothing but an attention wanna be and has obviously done nothing but STEAL people's money! Seems even his "references" are FAKE!

Stop Damain J Renzello and Bambini the Scammers

He ripped off our family too! Damian J. Renzello calims to be connected with the Zamboni corporation but is NOT he is a scammer who stole our money! Watch out for this scam artist!

yashi tell truth about porta-rinx and damian renzello bad guy

Renzello and his fake company portarink hurt me and me family real bad. This man Damian J. Renzello is really bad guy. Websites point he is pedophile and convicted Felon in United States. Renzello is in and out of court rooms his whole life for: FRAUD, charges of tax evasion, child predator things, Unjust enrichment, Attorney General Actions, stealing money, defrauding people, trading on names which are not his.

Damian J. Renzello is very bad man. I try get Damian Renzello to be nice person he just bad bad man sick wicked evil man. Don't do business with twisted sick evil man.

Warn you I do, watch for this evil and bad man Damien Renzello he look to hurt many people and even websites say he hurt kids!


Just a bit of advice for the business men that are commenting here, your behavior online is completely unprofessional. I would not purchase from anyone who slanders another person on the internet. That goes for both of you. If your product is so great you will not have to draw attention to yourself by slamming someone else. I would be afraid to do business with either one of you. Now you can go ahead and slam me, then any potential customers will see that to disagree with you would be a big mistake. God forbid you get a customer that is hard to please, what would you do to them??
Grow up guys, if you want to grow your business leave this stuff in the playground where it belongs.

Damian John Renzello

no doubt Sam ... I only make comments to protect my name and 14 years of hard work, this guy on here slandering my good name and business ... what else can I do? anyway I hear ya! and for all of you who believe anything of these comments, thats too bad for both of us ... for those who have checked out my products and have met me in person know I am a good guy, Period! as for the guy Mike Nelson slandering my name ... that I can't do anything about! Peace ... TO ALL WHO DESERVE IT!

Renzello Porta Rinx and Bambini review by Yashi

Sam ... I just try to earn a living this Damian J. Renzello guy is bad evil person. I program computers and make websites and applications I get lots of business for many years since the late 1990's from Mike Nelsen and then this Damain J. Renzelo guy comes along and files lawsuits trying to get what anyone can see is "BLOOD MONEY" from people, meaning Damian Renzello cannot possibly make any money himself so he seeks to SUE people for money. After anyone reads the lawsuit Damian Renzello of Barre or East Montpelier Vermont filed against the man who give me work to support my family you can see how Damien Renzello is an evil person looking to take money from others without working. I been researching Damian Renzello for years now and you will see Damian Renzello uses generic terms for his companies like the name Porta Rinx or Porta Rink and he even plays off the world famous Zamboni name trying to trick people with the name Bambini and Bambini Revolution for the name of his ice resurfacing machine! Facts are the facts, Damian Renzello's lawsuit was THROWN OUT of court Renzello did NOT get a dime from his lawsuit of lies. Damian Renzello has been sued in State and Federal court by others at least a dozen times! Just read the news articles.

Damian Renzello was even sued by the Attorney General of the State of Vermont for CONSUMER FRAUD! Renzello DEFRAUDED people into thinking he was part of the State of Vermont Governmet and the Attorney General of the State of Vermont had to sue Renzello to make him stop you see Damian Renzello often uses the same scam artist / con artist techinques to STEAL from consumers. When the Vermont Attorney General Sued Renzello for Consumer Fraud it was because renzello used names to TRICK the Consumer JUST LIKE Renzello uses the name Bambini and Bambini Revolution to trick consumers into thinking he is affilited or part of Zamboni company!

Renzello was sued by his own company for UNJUST Enrichment!

Renzello was sued by the Federal Government for committing Federal Fraud in Court Documents.

Renzello was sued by advertisers when he purposelly bought advertisement and then did not pay for it.

Renzello has been sued by customers ... this Renzello guy is just a wicked evil man.

Renzello cannot seem to make any money so he seeks to STEAL money from others.

Damian J. Renzello does not know the meaning of the word "peace" he looks to extort money from others through FRAUD, DECEPTION, lies ... just so he does not have to work.

Renzello keeps saying how is a good person yet the only things you will read online is about how Renzello has STOLEN from others, has convictions for various crimes, has been sued by companies and individuals and has even tried suing others ...

What kind of man sues another person for blood money? Why would anyone do any sort of business EVER with Damian J. Renzello of Vermont? You would just be asking for a BIG headache!

There are dozens of reports about Damain Renzello, Porta-Rinx, or Porta Rink the Bambini Revolution and so many other made up names and stolen names of generic products and services which Renzello attempt to claim as his own! Renzello blames everything on one person yet truth be told Renzello has done wicked things to many many people.

Damian John Renzello

blah blah blah ... see it's obvious it is Mike Nelson who is behind all this slander ... Yashi have you read the real news article about your friend Mike ??? and How Norwich University of Northfield VT banned him from school ... or how he harrassed the Vermont Country store, as well as Claire and The Damsels girls ... you are the one who works for Blood Money not me I work Very hard Everyday of the week ... anyway ... there is No talking to you ... again Sorry sam for having to respond to these horrific allegations ... which clearly are not true ...

Renzello Porta Rinx Truth by Yashi

Mr. Mike is a nice guy, he help many people. Newspapers in Vermont lie, it is obvious as you say when the law firms who seek to hurt people for profit own the newspaper who prints the articles. Me and rest of staff have read the original articles when the newspaper even admits in the articles they are represented by the very law firm who file cases. You, Damian J. Renzello have been sued dozens of times and for horrific CRIMES like UNJUST Enrichment, THEFT, FRAUD, Damian Renzello you have even been sued by the highest lawyer of the state of Vermont the Vermont Attorney General's office and charged with CONSUMER FRAUD! How does a man charged with Consumer FRAUD by the biggest elected lawyer in a US State where you live be allowed by the government in the United States to sell more FRAUDULENT products?

Yashi believe you Damian John Renzello, work everyday like you say, you be working everyday figuring out new ways to FRAUD innoccent people, new ways to DEFRAUD the government and those who work for a living! Damien Renzelo you figure out new ways to STEAL from investors, new ways to hurt other people, new ways to figure out how to take money without working! New ways to pull off scams against consumers and consumer fraud!

Mr. Mike helps us out everyone one, he gives testimony to international courts against evil military training people who helped bad military people murder 10's of thousands of people. We all know you Damian John Renzello are a racist! It is evident by your posts you think the man who stopped extremesists from training with US Military after they were convicted of murdering thousands of innocent Muslim farmers, did a bad thing? Renzello you don't know the truth, someday somewhere the truth will come out and if the truth no come out then at least someday you will realize just what sort of BAD person you are when you are sent straight to HELL! People like you will never know G-d, will never know peace. You are a GREEDY, bad man.

There is no talking to you Damian Renzello you and your STOLEN ideas and your STOLEN products and the money which you STOLE from Consumers and the government and regular people so you can drive around on your motor bike, yeah we see the pictures of you all over the Internet and I work with 11 of my other programmers to launch dozens of websites all over the internet tell the whole world what sort of GREEDY, EVIL, DEVIL you are.

Anyone giving Damian Renzello your money is just helping this theify, crook, devil man to do more bad things to more people.

Another Porta Rinx Victim

We wish we had read all the things about Damian Renzello before we sent him our money!

We wrote a check on our HELOC ... and now the CROOK won't give us our money back!

We agree Renzello is a slime ball CROOK!

I am going to report him to every agency I can!

My husband said that scammers like this need to be dealt with another way, but I all can say is this man STOLE our money!

STAY AWAY from Porta Rinx and Damian J. Renzello or Damian J. Products!

Damian John Renzello

To whom this concerns, if you scroll down underneath each one of the comments made against me they are all coming from express press release or rip off report ... which once again it proves that all this nonsense is coming from the same person ... May the good lord help him!

Scammed by Damian J Products Porta Rinx and Damian J Renzello

Renzello scammed us too! This guy is a CROOK! we only sent half our money!


Damian J. Renzello steals peoples money and blames all these comments on a fictious person.

We are trying to get Renzello charged with FRAUD again since he takes money without delivering product.

He uses deception to sell things just like he did when the Vermont Attorney General Sued him and he admitted Consumer Fraud. I remember reading about it in the local paper.

Don't Do ANY Business with this man. Most Vermont busiensses are honest, but this Renzello Character is not a Vermonter.

Miss Larivee

Rogers @ Shaver

Great Zamboni! Homemade Zamboni helps so many people.

Rogers Derek
Owner - Shaver Reviews

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