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Puja Dembla

very interesting but very scary ....people drivig in these type of path must take car while driving

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Lots of people died in this year winter. This is all due to Global Warming.

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very scary!!! and dangerous too i dont know why those people are taking so much of risk n driving on that surface....

Miami Web Design

wow, pretty amazing, and a little bit scary, I honestly don't know what can I d in a case like this, so, please help me out, what can I do? jump out of the car, or what?????

Just Energy

Nice one; so much for global warming,They don't have enough sense not to drive in those conditions,pretty crazy though.

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This most convenient thing, as it all too often is, was another car.

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It took almost no braking force for the cars to skid and, once skidding, they continued in a uniform motion, on a decline, until they found something that could apply enough force to stop them.

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A high coefficient of friction means the two surfaces don’t like to slide; a low coefficient of friction means it’s easy.

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The coefficient of friction for tires on ice with a thin film of water between them is pretty much zip.

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Well This is most convenient thing, as it all too often is, was another car.

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The amount of force it would take for your car to skid is the weight of your car multiplied by the coefficient of friction.

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The nearer we get to our own deaths, the more we realize all the things we never did, or the things we wish we could take back.

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May be it is dangerous but after the read the blog I'm quit interesting to go there and enjoy this,well thanks to share,now I've a plan to move there in next vacation..

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I am incomparable to enjoy myself when i appreciate your beautiful article from my deep heart!! I didn’t understand till yet that why do people use synthetic motor oils.

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The video is interesting ...enjoyed alot.The convenient thing about this video, as it all too often is, was another car.

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The video is interesting...but I also think the ice skating is dangerous.


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