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I live in Boston and I think the mayor is a huge ass. He sounds like Scooby Doo drunk and is just an ass. He steals from the poor and gives the middle class nothing. Please anyone do not think this is the how Boston really is. This is not how the masses (no pun inteneded) feel. I watch ATHF and I knew exactly what they were. The mayor and anyone who lives here if you were offended get your head out of your ass.
Who the hell lights up a bomb. Hello sparks, electricity usually near bombs is a bad idea.
Sorry to the rest of the USA from Boston!!!!!


I was going to hang my dirty socks from the Humptulips Bridge...would this constitute a terrorist threat?

/how about teddy bears?

drematic reverb

you know this Skechee fella is a pretty smart dude, we should all take a page from his magezine. Really people these things doen't even look remotely like bombs, all they are are light brights, I mean come on you guys get your heads out of your butts and pay attention. If you think this is a bomb whats next, a victoria's secrets bill bord!!?? Though the guy who put them up is kinda skechy, maybe we should burn him at the stake just for fun.


After examination, the device really doesn't have the mass to threaten anything. Barring a massive development in Nuclear material, there just couldn't be enough accelerant. This is a clear sign that the United States needs to be educated on explosive devices, terrorist methods (especially social engineering!) and tactics used to frighten, like the threat of legal action. If we were only less ill informed, we would know that this action does not pose a clear and present danger.


Yeah, maybe there should be fines for placing these in poorly chosen places but the mayor and so forth went way to far. 1. These things were up for weeks so they're just trying to get everyone to look away from their poor job of doing anything before hand. 2. If you ever see a car on the side of the road, piece of trash bigger than a cereal box, or w/e is that ever called in for a bomb threat? Ppl in London probably wouldn't care about this much actually. It's not like those bombs were flashing cartoon characters sitting outside where everyone could see them for weeks!! And to add a few tid bits.....

"It had a very sinister appearance," Coakley told reporters. "It had a battery behind it, and wires." --omg!!! it's blinky and lights up!!!!!

The blinking electronic signs were placed in nine other cities across the country, displaying a profane, boxy-looking cartoon character. They caused barely a stir. --hmmm...now why could that be? Surprising...

Congrats Turner...you just got more advertising than money can buy. Kudos!!

Carol Ming

This attempt for advertising was a poorly thought out scheme. As well the call for the bomb squad.


Hello self-proclaimed hipsters! In Iraq, the terrorists hide bombs in toys. Why not the same thing here. It doesn't matter what the device might look like, it matters what it might BE! And in this case, the first responders in Boston did the only thing they could do--assume the worst.


I'm looking on the bright side of this. That being, how you perceived this whole debacle seems to be a telling indicator of which side of the Generation Gap you fall on. Old folks are appalled; young folks are amused (and somewhat disheartened by the state of our "Homeland Security"). As a 30-something, I was beginning to feel like I was becoming an old fogey. Now I realize I have a way to go before I'm THAT out of touch with the latest pop culture goings on. Makes me wonder if Boston has anyone in a position of authority younger than 60.


I was in lower manhattan on September 11th. I remember watching in person the towers falling, the people running past me covered in dust, and then my struggle to find out if my sister, who worked near the towers, made it out ok. I remember living in constant fear of everything afterwards - packages from unknown senders, strange smells, every slightly louder than normal noise. You learn to get past it, you grow up, and that's the same case here. Sure the artists probably should not have put them on bridges or in subways, but all these panicked Bostonians should grow up. Use some common sense - a bomb is not going to be a flashing light - believe me, I'm sure everyone wishes they would be (except for a moronic terrorist who planted them). I grew up, learned to deal with things out of the ordinary again and Bostonians just have to learn to do the same.


It was


I don,t think it was the stupid cartoon that wirried anyone it was the pipe bomb looking part attached to bottom. I think if it was Mickey Mouse the same response was justified who knew Glad it wasn't in my face


It all comes down to this, over the last few years America has slowly but surley become a big @$$ SOFTIE, every day there are new laws preventing you from doing something that was ok to do yesterday, I think it was blown all out of proportion, what was Boston doing when he was putting them up? Did Boston wait until they were all up to do something? Point is if Boston was on top of things they would have had an encounter with the culprit and had a little chat that could have cleared up a lot.


The general consensus is that there were stupid people involved. There have been L.E.D. light boards used in advertising for as long as I, or anyone, can remember. I like to call this sort of thing a "V for Vendetta" case. Damn government now just looks for someone to place blame on for their slip-ups (fine, not an altogether accurate analogy).
And the "pipe bomb" looking part, was that not a battery compartment?
Come on, the fact is that this isn't even newsworthy material, it was made newsworthy by idiots, and I think everyone now understands the idiocy involved.


Yes, on the moon nerds get their pants pulled down and they are spanked with moon rocks! -Err


4 D size batteries aren't enough space to make any kind of serious bomb in anyway, let alone the fact that they were on the OUTSIDE of the structures.
If they HAD been explosive devices the placement would have done nothing but make some noise and scorching.

Kyle Messerschmidt

Please fix this article. I am a teenager who loves the magazine along with some shows on Cartoon Network. Please change this article to say that the show is from Adult Swim. Adult swim is a division of Cartoon Network that is on at night. Adult Swim should not get delightful children's programming into trouble. Thank you =)


The overzealous governmental response in Boston is yet more proof that the terrorists have won. If anyone should be sued, blamed or 'punished' it should be those officials that caused such a stir and panic in Boston; not Turner, not ATHF, not AS, and certainly not those pioneering marketers.

stephen Stobie

ok concerning an earlier comment to show u how dumb this is i do not know what a bomb looks like but i know what a bomb doesn't look like. and why the hell if this were indeed terrorist related would terrorists show off there bomb so it could be disarmed all i have to say is itmust be a slow day in boston for this to make the news. also if they really did lok like bombs how come no other major cities freaked out i think boston and it residents need to get with the 21century here and realize led lights are all aroud us and indeed harmless

stephen Stobie

so true though aqua teen huger force just made headlines around the world its amazing they did a job well done for such little money on this add campaigh they got so much publicity the company should get a bonus :D


I agree with Audiomind. All of this fuss caused by these devices is just proving that the terrorists have indeed won. If we are forced to shut down a city because some SWAT officer thought a Lite-Brite was a bomb, we need to take a step back and evaluate who is really winning this "War on Terror."


recently i was arrested on false charges, due to the fact that i was in the wrong place at the wrong time. After being released, i have lost faith in our justice system on the basis that time and taxpayers dollars were clearly wasted, and a lack of evidence was the completing factor of unintelligence shown by the state police for me to lose faith. im sure there are undoubtedly terrorists in the USA plotting their devious ways, while the American judicial system is caught up spending a substantial amount of time and money on useless means. if anyone was as sucessful and ingenious as the two men who are being charged with these accounts, they wouldve clearly come up with a more creatively successful plot of terrorism. at most, you could justify the lack of permissions to post the signs and littering, although grounds for any other charges would be ridiculously ignorant and shameful to the so-called "freedoms of America"

Stephen Neal

In a way it's almost sad how absurdly parinoid 9-11 has made us.


These jerks are right up there with every hacker and virus writer; and burning them at the stake is not such a bad idea.

Wow! What a creepy little fucking nazi you are! Enjoy hell!


Hey it's aqua teen hunger force number 1 in the hood ! good for them

So what?

Marketing sucks.
Guerilla Marketing sucks even more.

They placed their marketing trash there without approval and didn't inform the authorities so it's their fault that this happend.

It's like when you make a BIG Fire.
If you don't inform the Authorities and someone calls the fire department and tells them that there's a fire you'll have to pay for their "deployment"...

Maybe Bostons mayor is an idiot but that doesn't matter in this case.

They'll most likely end up paying a fine which is justified.

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