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John W. Bales

When humans can live productively on Mars, it will happen, whether or not indigenous life exists there. Hopefully we'll have a chance to study any such life before Mars becomes "contaminated" with terrestrial life. This is a scientific, not a moral issue however.

We will not encounter any moral issues vis-a-vis alien life until we encounter intelligent alien life possessing volition.

Jinge Su

I believe that if alien life does exist on Mars, it would take infinitely longer to colonize Mars then without life. First because it is hard to determine what is intelligent life and second because scientist would try to study them in their natural habitat first.


i thought of getting more info. ilove it

ralph a. kern

As has been proven in texas over the last 100 years, the cheapest way to build anything is via convict labor. The first colony on mars or any planet should be a penal colony. thanks and God bless...

sage carter

I love popular scince so much i even got your magizine


There is a third and altogether far more likely theory for the rise of life on both Mars and Earth. It is perhaps and extension of the first theory mentioned, but Panspermia posits that life (bacteria, fungi, archea, etc.) and its blueprints (DNA, RNA) arose somewhere else entirely in the galaxy or universe many billions of years ago and has been raining down on our planet and Mars since their creation. I believe that within our lifetime we will find evidence that life is as old and pervasive as the universe itself.

dave  palfrey

Sage.[Feb 24 2007] Dont hold your breath waiting for the discovery of life on Mars . There never was life in any form on Mars. and never will be
However. the suggestion by Mr Sudhar[Feb 23 2007]to sent criminals there and form a colony is an excellant proposition and the USA could start with sending some of its lowest forms of life. ie. Its polititions and some if not all of its corporate leaders . and dont hold your breath waiting for that either .


No matter what happens...it will not be what we expect.

John W. Bales

Determining whether or not an alien life-form is intelligent will not be difficult. If it wants us to know that it is intelligent, it will tell us.


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Life is something that in the universe is common, for me there is no doubt that more advance, intelligent life is out there, some may already contacted us, others probably are in other regions of the universe.

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