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The headline at Fark said: The coolest graffiti you will see Today. I thought to my self,"no way, I've seen Beemer's work. Well, the header was right! I would have paid 100.00 to sit there painting on that wall all night. Far out, man!

Rik Willems

This is the KPN building in Rotterdam. It is not an abandoned building though, but quite a new office building. The other side of the building has lights on it that depict all kinds of figures and animations during the day and night:

Cameron Liddiard

Looks like a nifty setup for Jean Michel Jarre's next concert.

There's no end to how cool that is.






thats a very great idea! very good for a Jean-Michel Jarre Conzert.


Very cool video; what's the name of the song playing?


What an excellent ideaq! And how hard, I wonder, was it to keep from writing obscene graffo?


This is so cool!!! Awesome work.

Airsoft Guns

that is so fantastic!!!! good work!!!

steven davies

Great work.It's like a science,so difficult:) and FANTASTIC:))

DLP Projector

Okay, this really goes into the "Wow" category.


haha that is awesome!

AEG Airsoft Guns

Alot of airsoft rifles now are looking just like the real deal. It's pretty controversial but you can get exact weights and materials of originals. Like here AEG Airsoft Guns.

DLP Home Projector

Chicago is trying to get the 2016 Summer Olympics. It could be very interesting to see some of the skyscrapers here using this type of projection to get the message across.


Hi, I just saw some really cool laser graffitti videos on this other website, thought I´d share with you guys since you might be interested too:


laser pointer

it's like a giant projector screen.. oops no, it's not! it's a building!


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green laser pointers

crazy, what a high powerful laser!

airsoft guns

Thats friggen rad, I would love to do that to my office that would surely freak my boss out. Any one know how i can get ahold of these guys. LOL

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Great videos are presented their and I really appreciate to meet to this site.

Laser Pointers - Laptops

I want to thank for that information which is provided here. I also thank the people who contribute their comments on this blog.

best laser pointers

well done!so amazing!


Wow! I didn't know grafiti artists were into science.

laser pointer

wow, laser tag is looking pretty cool! thank you very much for sharing such wonderful works.

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