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Jim Kidwell

In honor of the SXSW screening, we're giving away one of the limited edition fine art Helvetica prints. All that you've gotta do to enter is write a font-related haiku. Sound like fun?


Kevin Ricche

That contest is hilarious!


and I thought I was the only that said things like, "look its University Roman! I haven't seen University Roman in years!"

Austin Texas Web Site Design Expert

Great documentary! Very Interesting movie. I live here in Austin Texas and I love to see great documentaries come throw the SXSW Screening

ohio state store

SXSW is one of the greatest times of the year! It rocks

carpet cleaners rentals

and I thought I was the only that said things like, "look its University Roman! I haven't seen University Roman in years!"

chi hairdryer

There is nothing wrong with Helvetica.

commercial coffee makers

I cant believe they made a movie about this. Are you kidding me? Some people have a lot of time on their hands...They probably got paid handsomely for this....lol

commercial espresso makers

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So am sure there was an audience for this movie, somewhere. But am with you, I dont think I could go watch soemthing like this..

contacts for less

No doubt you guys. You are spot on. I wonder how much they spent to make this film. Has anyone seen it?

emergency survival kit

I am going to netflix it right now and see if it comes up....lol

hon file cabinets

Bet you it dont come up...Just a hunch...lol

super solano hair dryer

Come on! Why are you people wasting your time with this trival stuff. The movie was probably a nothing and you guys are just giving credit where it does not deserve to be. Move on...

wireless barcode scanner

Well I looked for it and found it on netflix...Has a rating of 3 1/2 stars too...

Boracay Beach Resort

It is the first time that I have heard of this movie. Maybe a little research about this film is needed.

SEO Los Angeles

It is my first time hearing about this movie, I think I will probably watch this movie when I have the time.

House Plans

Its a first for me hearing of this movie but I think that it still interesting enough to watch.

Boracay Hotel Package

A new movie means new reviews online better start reading!!!!!

motorcycle communications accessories

Seems like an interesting movie. Thx for the heads up.

Translation Los Angeles

I have never heard of this movie, I am going to order it from the video store.

divx movies

Same Here I have also never heard about this film. Any ways..Why don't you check my movie site..I am sure you will get this film..

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Human error, mostly in this with the real feeling when too, think, and in this with head again when too emotional.

Storage Shed plans

I not really familiar with this movie, but this caught my attention so better to check it out if it's really worth the time and their effort for making such documentary.

Burberry Scarf

Thanks for this great Information.
I like it most.Keep it up give more latest post.

Bob| multi-picture frame

Is this really true, I can't believe there's a movie about this.

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