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John  Woods

Will the discovery of "dark energy" add
to the 4 known forces ?

John  Woods

When relating the 4 "known" forces i.e.,
nuclear strong/weak. Why wouldn't
there be electromagnetic strong/weak as well
as gravitional strong/weak.?

Richard Pfeifer

I believe you are right in that this will actually bring to light the "Etheric" force that
surrounds all matter. If learned how to control this new force, it will change the world as we know it. Space/Time travel will be possible and our Government will most likely suppress, (or try to suppress) it like every other new form of energy that has been discovered. They will then try to use it for military purposes, instead of environmental/clean-up and the free energy that would be possible.

Ronno P Carns

My God, this is the first time we have heard of 'perpetual motion'...NOT!!! Don't just blame the Government...as an old US Marine, I can appreciate EVERYTHING the Military gets ahead of the rest of the world...war or no war, fight or no fight, it is always better for the Military/Government to be ahead of the 'public'...it makes us a little bit safer, & it keeps you guys working, trying to stay ahead of the Government...looks like a no-lose situation for us 'just citizens', & old Gar-heads...MANNNY THANKS TO YOU FOR THAT...rc

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