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Chelsea Jensen-Roehl

i don't believe that there are aliens out there, so its a little hard for me to believe that "they are out there, and they are French". you guys might want to check your research.

Chelsea Jensen-Roehl

i don't believe that there are aliens out there, so its a little hard for me to believe that "they are out there, and they are French". you guys might want to check your research. good luck, sorry. but i'm just not one of those people that believe in aliens. hope your research goes well.


they are here. they are illegal. they are typically latin.


Your response is very typical. Just like 500 hundred years ago who would have believed that the Earth was round?

About a hundred years ago who would have believed that Flight was possible?

And how about just 20 years ago, who would have thought that there was pure water-ice 2.5 miles THICK on Mars?

If Earth has taught anything it is, when water is present, usually that means life is present. It's just a matter of time.

I'd stick to Creationism and other Super-Natural possiblities, it's easier to believe, huh?

David Miller

I cannot help but be amazed when people still believe we are alone in the universe. Our galaxy (The Milky Way) contains over 400 million stars alone, and our universe is comprised of hundreds of millions of galaxies spanning over 14 billion light years.

Only four items are needed for life, carbon,water, air and time. The universe shows us everyday that it is alive, constantly creating life, (stars,planets), and that the universe in many ways only reflects the normal cycle of birth, life and death.

Th evolution of life can be viewed no differently then the evolution of man. I, myself not only believe that life exists "out there" but in great abundance and thriving.

Maybe in time when we mature enough, we will finally decide that the universe is representative of life, and not some vast empty wasteland.


To look at the sky on a clear night and think we are alone is a foolish thought. To see all of the specks of light on a clear night is such a wonderfull sight. Yes there is more life in the universe then just here on earth.


UFO's are real because all of the things outside of us would be a waste of space. I also, know that there is a facility called area 51 in Nevada and someday will see an alien face to face.


Besides the number of stars you should keep in mind the possibilities of higher dimensions... or lower. Basically, saying the we are alone is like saying Iran and the US are buddies.


Life as we understand it is to fragile to travel the vast void of space, certaily like a grain of sand on the oceans floor our simple planet is not alone in supporting life, but will we ever see an alien creature im less hopeful. Unless beings are capable of living thousands of years and their physical structure allows them to sit in a vegative stasis its just not going to happen. I wish it would.. but it seems unreasonable for the fragile tissues we know in all animails on Earth.


I think it would be vast waste of space for the universe to be empty. God...in whatever form you imagine him to be, is infinite in it's creativity. Look at the diversity on earth and you can see how much more is waiting for us to discover.

Manuel Martinez III

can i get an english version? a "freedom cnes"

Randy Durham

Even if it is considered impossible to travel such great distances, consider the possibility of time travel. Wouldn't visitors from mankind's distant future seem as alien to us as visitors from another galaxy? They could visit with impunity knowing by historical records that the visit would be dismissed as another crazy UFO report.

J Bell

I wish you people would get it straight. A UFO is not neccessarily an alien spacecraft. If it is identified as a spacecraft it is no longer unidentified. A UFO is simply an Unidentified Flying Object- the clue's in the name.

J Nickle

I think too many people restrict their ideas because they themselves are restricted by what they know to exist here on Earth. Life "out there" may not be, and more so, probably is not a duplicate of what exists here on Earth. Even the history or Earth shows what diversity existed at different times (prehistoric, etc) on this planet. To limit your ideas by saying life couldn't travel the vast distances in space because WE can't is not only ignorant, but awfully presumptuous. Only a few hundred years ago, people were burned at the stake by The Church for being heretics in claiming there were other planets, in OUR solar system. I really wish the Human Race could surrender the idea that we are some type of “Pinnacle Creation” within the Universe.


Just thought you might be interested that the
Bible talks about "the circle of the earth".
It is in the old testament somewhere.
Written approximately 4000 years ago.So literate
Jews and many Rabbis of that age would have known the earth is round.So that was not just
discovered 500 years ago like you said . The Bible is 100% true and that includes the part about creation. :)


I second Daniel's thought. And I totally agree with the others. [Beautiful, by the way. 'Learned a lot from it.] What an awful waste of space it is. Just think, Da Vinci and his works for a meagre colony of ants... I mean, Earth has been pretty darn lucky [or blessed] compared to our neighbors to not be hit with meteors and asteroids as often or as gravely. 'Coz it takes just one hit to kill us all. [Just look at what happened to Uncle Dino in the Prehistoric Era.] And if we die, and there's no other life left in the universe, what use would the universe be at all?

Johnny Lingo

If our own USA government published all that they know about UFO's like the French... I fully believe that Then and only then, would we know the true answers

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can i get an english version? a "freedom cnes"

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I fully believe that Then and only then, would we know the true answers

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I firmly believe on these creatures. And they are already here.

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It's been a long time sine they were here.

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