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One thing I've learned from this, based on your last paragraph: it's good to be the House.

Carl Francis Lira

I think this new planet is the new earth that God has created, it is undergoing a seasoniong process and when the time comes he will destroy the heavens and the earth and replace it with a new one, remember he created the earth but it was`nt for a long time habitated by man, I have a gut feeling this is really God`s plan. What is your idea about this ?
Carl F. Lira

A Believer!!

Tho I do wish we could ship our children there so they can have the peace and freshness they deserve! Maybe God will have it finished in time for our childrens-children?!
Livin life for our God, and our precioius kids! They ARE our future!

x-ray fluorescence

This is great news !!! but just for thought, if there was intelligent life on this new earth planet whats to say that they are intrested in us as from the out side our planet is pretty messed up both enviromentaly and socially.if they are intelligent they would turn blind eye and hope we go away...

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Along with light, the Sun radiates a continuous stream of charged particles(a plasma) known as the solar wind. This stream of particles spreads outwards at roughly 1.5 million kilometres per hour, creating a tenuous atmosphere(the heliosphere) that permeates the Solar System out to at least 100 AU. This is known as the interplanetary medium. Geomagnetic storms on the Sun's surface, such as solar flares and coronal mass ejections, disturb the heliosphere, creating space weather. The largest structure within the heliosphere is the heliospheric current sheet, a spiral form created by the actions of the Sun's rotating magnetic field on the interplanetary medium.

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Like a certain medieval hot period that has been "smoothed" out of existence just because it was inconvenient. But then again, that must not be a "surprise" to you and all those "respected scientists" you talk of. Because to you it is clearly all about respect really and how you get to that position where you have it so you can throw it around like it adds up to something, everything else is just a background.

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