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So i was thinking about the plastic bags. And how you want to not use them. I think that is admirable and can make a difference in our society, but, For each person that says they dont want a plastic bag their is someone who asks to have all their good double bagged so your efforts have just been wasted on that one person. I think something that really needs to happen is the recycling of plastic bags, i know that their are SOME key word some grocery stores that have setups to recycle bags, i am thinking on a grander scale. I think all stores should have a location to recycle plastic bags, grocery stores and retails stores such as Giant, Safeway, Kmart, Walmart, Target, etc. Got to go back to the source and ask them to get involved in making a change. Also, have to prove to politicians the necessity of these issues so they can force changes.

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In a way, we can help change things, by ourselves. Politicians have a job to do, but for example, with the food we choose to buy, we put pressure on the business and the government, i guess everyone can help, a little, to make a small difference.

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I've been using recycle bottles to refill drinking water. I've read somewhere that you cannot use the bottle after many times or recycling because of the chemicals in the bottle. So how many times exactly can i recycle it?

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this part of blog "Anyhoo, enough about her, let’s talk about me. My meat-reduction plan has been going swimmingly." was very interesting, thank you!

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One of the alternatives Veggie been made, but the fact is that this's not just going to try to take care of the planet, because for many people that would be very difficult to put it into practice. That goes for every person and help the planet heals.

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