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I have an 07 GTI, and that car is a BLAST to drive... I could only imagine what this beast would be like behind the wheel.


Wait a minute... isn't the Chevrolet Corvette a hatchback? I'm sure there are a lot more super-powered Corvettes than VW's.


Sweeeeeet!!! that car looks really awesome.

Eric H

It may dust the Ferrari, but you're right that the production Corvette Z06 may beat it, with 3.5s for the 0-60 (though I've seen 3.7 quoted too). Top speed about 198 so you have to get in front and not let him pass. :)



yeah, but corvettes are lame. Volkswagens, on the other hand, kick ass......seriously, why would anyone buy a corvette when you could buy something much better with your money? like, something that's not made by Chevy? maybe somthing made by a worthwhile manufacturer. one that doesn't make their cars as cheaply as humanly possible, and then sell the for hugely over proportional amounts of cash. It may be fast, but it's ugly as sin, and it's a chevy.

isotope Mech.

but Volkswagen doesnt exactly have a spotless track record either :) so.......... tesla roadster time

isotope Mech.

but Volkswagen doesnt exactly have a spotless track record either :) so.......... tesla roadster time

Eric H

Issues phill?


maybe he's mad he's stuck driving mom's old minivan until he gets a job or something.


won't fly. Ferrari and Lambo will always be on top. even if their stats get beat (when they get beat, they always make something faster), their presitigious names carry them way over anywhere VW (or any other car co) can reach.


Well the interesting thing here is the Golf started life as a small economy sedan but who really has the budget to drop a V12 in a Golf? Its a cool concept yes so why not drop a Bugatti engine into a mini cooper and lets see who is faster anyone for 1,000 hp in a Mini?


I have a '70 Volkswagen Bug, with a slightly modified engine. The man who built the motor had a good laugh on me, as they did not tell me about the additional power. I noticed when I drove away from the shop, however.

A twelve-cylinder VW? Must have tons of power.

David N.

How long will it take people to understand that cars are not only about power and size. A corvette is so ridiculous in what comes to handling that it makes me want to vomit. This w12 golf is pretty ridiculous and it is certainly not the first time they add so much bhp to a golf. Cars that beat ferraris and lambos, whatever different cars, different concepts, numbers are not everything, a ferrari is a ferrari an ariel atom is an ariel atom. 2004 supercharged ariel atom beats any ferrari or lambo in numbers but it only has 300bhp, nonetheless its a 2 seater no windshield, no roof car. Ever wondered why american style racing sums up to gong around an oval track for countless hours? lol think. Then think what kind of cars go into rally, think who builds the best formula 1 cars, think who builds the best dtm cars. Yes, yes, yes, wheres chevy? nowhere. And if you try to convince me that WorldRallyC or formula1 or DTM or Lemans are not the best racing events which take automobiles to the very limited, then you are just missing out reality.


I've got a VW 337 myself and it kicks but. I've beet Ferraris, Lambos, porches. Top speed! About 5mph in LA's rush hour traffic. Yep! I leave those supercars stuck on a ligt behind me. Lets face it. Top speed doesn't mean much. Just try flying down my street. I dare You! Mr Police man is always on the corner and he gives lots of tikets. Bussy Fellow.
I think this VW Concept is a waste of time. Where is my Electric VW Supercar?


Lots of preconceived bias i see.
It's a concept vehicle, i'd like to see it's performance(results). Besides, we all know the calibar a car chevy produces, Ferarris and lambos on the other hand, well... i'll just say a V-12 350 powered V-Dub poses no threat against the Fera n Lambo class(es).


For the guy who said Chevy is crap... I agree with you a 100%they are fast, in a straight line, but when it comes to the smallest corner, good luck. 2nd, If I'm not mistaken VW has partial owner ship of Lambos, and if you aren't familliar with bugatti's... well wikipedia the Bugatti Veyron, you will see it is a VW engine in there "...fastest, most powerful, and most expensive street-legal full production car in the world... " Those Germans have way to much spare time on their hands


Forgot to add this link, check out vwvortex.com for more details


Rapidweather, you must not have kept up with LeMans. Corvettes have won their class 5 of the last 6 runnings of the race. As for American racing only consisting of running around in circles, even the two organizations that do that still run a couple of road courses. It's maybe not as popular, but there are plenty of American rally and road race events.

Now that that's out of the way, the prototype looks cool. They put the engine where it belongs, behind the driver, over the ideal drive wheels. :)


that hatchback looks really dumb


I have pulled over 1.3 g sideways in my vette. It has a lateral g meter in the heads up display. How many of you people have driven a 2005 or newer? Beeatches.


where's my flipping hoverboard...


Look I am sorry but v12's and even 16's have been around since Packard's 1912 "Double Six", so how is this an innovation worthy of mentioning. Agreed it has more power and is squeezed into a small chassis and is in general a mechanical wonder but to me it lacks any imagination. Make it run on compressed air with 0 emissions and no petrol and then someone might take notice otherwise it is simply a tribute to a bygone era of overindulgence and unsustainable practices.

Eric H

Looks like there's some good debate here, and even some people laying down the facts. Sounds like vetteowner actually owns a Vette... I would bet none of the Vette haters posting have even been in a new Ferrari or Lambo, much less drove. Sorry, seeing one on the TV doesn't count. They don't call the Z06 Vette the supercar also-ran, they call it the supercar killer. Why? You can actually afford one, and you can beat those others in the real word. Hey, If money were no issue, I'd be landing on the moon right now to see where Neil Armstrong stepped down...

Organic Chemistry Help

This thing is awesome. And I thought the VW was a boring, Grandpa Munster mobile.

leigh keiruff

On a certain angle, it looks like a honda civic hatchback don't ya think?


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