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Dr Molly Black

Is the mp3 supposed to cut off the way it does? It seems to cut off in the middle of a "Right now" at the end. I would hate to download an incomplete file and have that problem in editing.

Thanks for letting me know. I already have a storyboard in my head for what I would want to do with the complete song.


Is the mp3 provided here under the standard creative commons license that Jonathan Coulton releases his other music under? I.e., should the submitted video be creative commons, and we provide you an unrestricted version if we win?

Mike Young

I tried to use youtube to e-mail my video to you on Jun 10, but that e-mail was not read. All I'm asking for is some sort of confirmation that my entry has been received. Please?



Dr. Molly Black, as a longtime Coulton fan but not a PopSci official, I can tell you that the MP3 is right. The song really does just cut off that abruptly on purpose.


I just thought I'd post here that I'm keeping a YouTube playlist of all the entries and other Fantastic videos I've found, including my own animated entry.


You can make sure I see yours by sending me a message through YouTube, and I'll add it. I'm also searching periodically but videos don't seem to show up in search for 18 hours. I am anniekate76.

wow gold

Dr. Molly Black, as a longtime Coulton fan but not a PopSci official, I can tell you that the MP3 is right. The song really does just cut off that abruptly on purpose.

Walt Ribeiro

I arranged some of his songs for orchestra - so it's ashame I didn't win the iPod. But Coulton's Music is awesome.

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excellent news, I so happy to see that the reals video makers are back, specially for the wow videos, are so funny and with a perfect synchronization between music and characters.

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in fact I arranged some of his songs for orchestra - so I didn't win the iPod. But Coulton's Music is awesome.

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