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Tony Williams

Joe - If only people like you would take your OWN ADVICE. At least then you wouldn't be a hypocrite. You’re the one postulating an entity that there is zero evidence for and on top of that you’re going to explain the way he operates.
YOU COULN’T POSSIBLY KNOW THAT. That is the whole problem and why it's better not to even refer to an unproven god but then your type goes even further and tells us his M.O. Get real. There is no God. If you say there is then PROVE IT!!! Or shut up about it. It's not our jobs to disprove God no more than it’s my job to disprove any of the other various insane claims that people make. The burden of proof is always on the person making the claim.


Tony- I never said there is a God, only that it is possible, that anything might be possible. God is just a word where it came from i don't know. I have a hard time believing or trusting the storys we are feed from birth. But there is good and evil, I'll always believe more in the good. And I will fight the evil! I believe there is other life in this universe-and I've seen things in the day and night sky that make me believe even more. Think for yourself and question athority!


Well Tony W. i see nobody had the fortitude to post after you or take up your gauntlet so allow me...

Uhm, nevermind, your right.


Frances - why would the recipients have to be humanoid? Certainly they'd be the most likely candidates for ever deciphering it, but that's not to say no other kind of creature could intercept it. Yes humanity might be a freak occurrence, but that doesn't mean no form of intelligent life at all could ever be found elsewhere... just because it isn't humanoid doesn't mean it's not intelligent - ever heard of dolphins?

Still I agree that it's unlikely the record will ever be found by aliens - the chances of any kind of craft just happening to pass by this oddly shaped human construction are just way too slim. It's like throwing a grain of sand into a sandstorm with the intent of hitting another grain of sand 10 miles away...

John - you've just given a detailed description of something you cannot possibly know anything about and stated it as the truth... while claiming anyone with a different opinion perceives the world from a narrow perspective.

How is THAT not arrogant!? Not that I agree with Frances, far from it, but you can't really go calling him arrogant when you're not behaving any different. There's no point in the whole bashing people for their beliefs anyway - because neither 'side' (theist or atheist) can possibly prove or disprove God.

As for those peculiar odds on everything falling in place as it does... that's not to say some amazing spiritual entity created it all. Who's to say this universe wasn't created by a scientist in a laboratory? Or that this is all merely dreamt up by some odd life form? Perhaps we're all just actors in some sort of 'The Sims'-like computer game - for amusement. There are so many possibilities other than some all powerful God that it IS ridiculous to assume this universe MUST all be the work of a God and say anyone with a TRULY open mind has a narrow world view.


Remind me not to have Frances over for dinner = kill joy.


Frances- I agree with you about the message for the E.T.s to just stay away. Especially when you here claims of people seeing fighter jets chasing UFOs. Maybe our government doesn't want the E.T.s to make contact no matter if their intentions be Good or Bad. Cause maybe they have tried, but the gov. keeps chasing them away. Like they don't want the E.T.s to interfere with or help our lives. Even though we could sure use it. Some Inlightenment.

Tony Williams

Where do we get this idea that the default is nothingness? The default might well be our universe. Where do we get this idea that if gravity or the nuclear force or whatever constant you want to invoke points to evidence of design. There no evidence of that. AT ALL. It might well be that our universe just IS. Isn’t this what you theist likes to claim about your god that his has ALWAYS BBEEN HERE ALWAYS EXISTED? Well we atheists prefer to stop with what we do know (we know we are here, our universe has produced life and there is no evidence to the contrary that it could have been any different) and not answer a question with an even bigger mystery.


The fact is, while it's a beautiful idea, the chances of some random spacecraft-even if the galaxy is filled to the top with an overabundance of space-faring beings--coming across this tiny little thing zooming through space are impossibly low. So close to zero as to effectively be zero. Either that or they're already here and that's why there's so many UFO sightings, and they think the fact that we sent out a record on a space porbe is 'cute'.

On the one hand it's sad to think of the record flying through space forever and never being found. On the other hand, I'm a firm believer in UFOs, so unless unless they're not pilioted by aiens, it's no loss because they're already watching 'Friends' reruns.

And it's kind of cool to think of those space probes as going on FOREVER. Unless they hit something (they say that when the Milky Way and the Andromeda galaxy merge the stars are so far apart none will actually hit each other, just be deflected by gravity, so the chances of a spacecraft hitting anything = close to zero) they'll continue onward until the end of the universe or some other collosal amount of time and miles, long after our sun has exhausted its fuel and died. Something will always be left of us, somewhere in the universe, no matter what happens to us next, and that's pretty cool.


There are only beetles out there. What do they want with gold records?

The End

Oh come on, life is likely rampant throughout our own galaxy. If we humans don't destroy ourselves, one day we'll look back and liken the belief that life is rare to the once prevalent notion that the Earth was the center of the Universe.

We're not special. We're bacteria, mold, bugs. Life grows everywhere. No, humans don't evolve everywhere, but nature finds a way in diverse environments. Humans need to realize that there's nothing overly special about us. Most species in the universe probably die out, and humans are headed in that direction as well. But it's no big loss to the universe, there's life all over the place. Just don't expect it to resemble us.


While I agree that the chances of any alien race actually discovering these plates are astronomical I wouldn't rule it out completely. In the terms of the universe probably the most interesting thing about humans is the world we live on. But it is pure human ignorance to believe that there is nothing out there at all. And for all your "God squad" out there, who is to say that "God" is not an alien and we are just his little science project and the bible is just their way of appearing all powerful. Or that God is just a concept created by people who were to afraid to face the fact that there may be nothing after death and came up with the idea of an afterlife, god, heaven etc..

Think about it!

Zoe currently human...future uncertain....

It was a really good intentioned and well thought gesture to reach out to the nether regions of space, regardless of how inappropriate it is for that purpose or illegible it is to whoever finds it...or not as the case may be.
As human beings we limit ourselves by looking only through our own eyes and thinking of life as limited by the rules by which we find our own universe. Everything is infinite...it is highly likely there is an infinity of parralel universes in which life exists under every possible situation, in each one everthing slightly different. Life will always find a way, for whatever reason or purpose.
I like to think that our bodies are spacesuits....our 'souls' are entities crossing all dimensions living out the lifespan of different life forms and at the point of death or disconnection from the 'biological suit', simply drifting into another cell at the point where life is created. There is a life force spread all the way through the universe...we are all inter dimensional entities! None of us know it, none of us know why, none of us know who's in charge and for what reason...as current human beings we have the gift of the capability of the thought process to ponder it, which is the best part of it.......SO LETS ALL SIT BACK AND ENJOY THIS PARTICULAR RIDE CUZ TIME TO GET OFF IS ALWAYS APPROACHING!!


Well Well, on a planet full of war , hunger and idiot dictators, who instead of solving our own earthbound problems spend millions wastefully on an invitation to anyone? everyone? or no one !to join in on the fun! wow and with an american flag too! Crazy


Hi Zoe, I don't think I could agree with you more!!

Tony Williams

Zoe - It those kinds of comments that make it painfully obvious YOU KNOW NOTHING about what we have gained from the space program. It totally reminds me of the people that criticize Evolution when they REALLY don't even know what evolution is. All they have ever got was second and third hand information about Biology. I wanna ask em "what's the last pro evolution book you ever read"??? To you I would say just a minimal amount of research into it and you wouldn't make statements like those. I'll recommend it again read Pale Blue Dot from Carl Sagan. He covers this very issue. How did we know to be concerned about Global Warning? ANSWER: We went to Venus and said shit this is what will happen to the earth if we can’t get these greenhouse gases under control? What we learn from Space Exploration might very well save our race from extinction one day.


Tony I'm not sure if your words are directed at me. Actually my ideas were that human bodies could be temporary vessels to spirits which migrate through the universe, our names appear UNDER our comments. I don't believe I said one word pro or anti evolution as I didn't think this was the issue here, as far as I knew we were just exchanging ideas regarding our attempt at contact with other life forms of other worlds. I do agree that 'what we learn from space exploration might save our race from extinction one day'. I know all about the goldilocks 'zone' and other similar hypothesis concerning our limited future on this planet. I don't have time to read every bit of prose on the subject and I'm no expert, but I am entitled to an opinion. I think that intelligent life are fully aware that we are here....they just choose not to bother calling round at this particular time as at this particular stage in our evolution we are self obsessed creatures who are at war with one another....and who can blame them! I just wanted to explore the idea don't even understand OUR OWN EXISTENCE here, so how can we even contemplate the lives of other beings? I agree with the space program and any attempt to understand our place in the universe better, it just worries me that I've seen sci-fi movies where aliens move from planet to planet like swarms of locusts using up all the resources and making the place uninhabitable for the other lifeforms........and that is where space exploration could also take us, we don't have such a great track record with the other creatures on our own planet do we.....but what will be will be for whatever reason.

Tony Williams

Zoe -- OOPS your right those comments were supposed to be directed at 'Preacain'

As far your last post I basicaly agree with what you said but who knows maybe we can make up for what we have done to this planet by terraforming other worlds. What I mean is we just might win this thing yet... with what we learn in space could help us fix the Earth and you never know we just might be a worthy steward of another planet someday.


maybe it wasn't a good idea to put a map of how to get to Earth on the record. If alien civilization found it, how do we know they wouldn't try to take us over? Wasn't that the premise of Independance Day? Or have I just seen that and War of the Worlds too many times?


Hey, for all we know any alien culture that find this may think we were sending them a dinner menu. Call ahead seating accepted!


If aliens find this they will laugh. Laugh i say!


The people that work on these peacefull space projects perhaps have good intentions though they also work on creation of weapons this is the nice face for the public which try to portray the govt and the multynationals as forward looking and hopefull thinking for a better future for the free world while wqasting billions on stupid gadgets to spy torture and kill, I love to look at the stars at night but im sad that so much iis devoted to waste while Millions of children die of hunger

tejas satyakam bhartiya


whenever we yalk about alien or living being outside earth our first intention is the availablity of water and oxygen. iwonder why cannoy be life on other planet which do noy have conditions like earth. as we have accumstemed of earth condition, similarly life on other may have been existing in that condition in which we can not live.


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