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You forgot to mention that one of the reasons the stock climbed back up so rapidly was that the iPhone received FCC approval yesterday as well


Presuming the e-mail was fake, I'd guess Engadget was a pawn. While it may still be surprising that Engadget could move the market, people in the biz know that, and know know that they can make a pretty penny leaking some fake insider info and trading on it (twice - selling short as it falls, and buying back as it goes up again).

The losers end up being those that trade during the period following the e-mail but before the stock corrected. I.e. if you own Apple, and it went down and up and you didn't trade, you didn't lose anything (except the missed opportunity to make some cash).


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Engadget.com reported on what it believed to be a legitimate internal e-mail from Apple that stated that the hotly anticipated iPhone would miss its slated June release and be delayed until October. Additionally, the e-mail said, the next version of Apple's OS X operating system would also be delayed, until next January.

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Coalition Petitions Homeland Security to Suspend Airport Body Scanners

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You forgot to mention that one of the reasons the stock climbed back up so rapidly was that the iPhone received FCC approval yesterday as well...

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You forgot to mention that one of the reasons the stock climbed back up so rapidly was that the iPhone received FCC approval yesterday as well

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Is this drogue actually in the game? I know I seen the IFR option on the ACM but I thought it would be more like the Aerosoft F-16...just fly under an AI and hold until your full again...

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