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I was expecting to see a carefully timed dive technique, not just a belly flop. :) All I can say is that must have hurt...


"One thing science won’t be able to tell us, though, is why he’s wearing that god-awful unitard."

I would expect it protects not only his family jewels, but also provides some protection against the "sting" of a belly flop.


Could he have done it from even higher? I mean, how long would it take someone to hit terminal velocity.

Blah Boy

just not impressed. It appears the pool was on top of some sort of mattress or other cushioning material.

Mike Petrik

I think it is called a unitard only the first time it is warn, when worn again it is more appropriately called a ....

Jim Lee, Knoxville Tennessee REALTOR

I'm a former skydiver.

It takes about 10 seconds to get to terminal velocity (124 MPH roughly) ; he wasn't even close.

That was one heck of a belly flop though.

Miso Hawny

Oh wow you can do belly flop into little pool with pillow under it. biiiiig deeeel try dive into puddle in the street with big pillow under it. silly american


You call that a dive? When I was a kid, I remember a Woody Woodpecker recording wherein a character took a high-dive into a damp washcloth.

Donald Zeiter

Put the pool in the middle of a concrete playground and that would be a great jump. Heck, put another 12 inches of water in the pool and it would still be tough to do on a solid surface. But putting a big pillow under the pool is like a dirt bike with a good suspension system - it takes a lot of risk out of the feat.


Bruno will jump 100 meters into a cup of water!

Intex Pool Heater

Nine-Meter Kiddie-Pool High Dive is a deathlike stunt for kids to do. But to those Kids who are fearless and not afraid on heights, they can do it but with proper training and guidelines to avoid accidents. Parents should be open-minded before engaging their kids with this kind of stunts.

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I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. (Voltaire, Frech writer)

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