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Dean Blobaum

The University of Chicago Press has a website for the book that includes a Flash video, a gallery of photos, and information about the book and the author, including an author interview. See http://www.thedeepbook.org/


wow that is truly amazing.
i have never seen anything so awesome as that.


wow that is truly amazing.
i have never seen anything so awesome as that.


This is the worst article ever, even tho i didnt read it, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


yeah i think so to and you need to put some games on your web site

bob the guy who eats the most pickles without using his hands or feet

idk wat to say and i dont care but gosh darnit im gonna say somethin!

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bob the guy who eats the most pickles without using his hands or feet

Hi bob, this is the bob who you are talking to. At least i think u r talking to me. If ur not u realy should it is a very very very very very very very very good idea i like saying bobobobobobobobobobob too its the best thing in the world. besides the pickles that are grow without pesticides. u can buy them at the grocery store for only $6.99
WAT A BARGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi bob, this is bob

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bob the guy who eats the most pickles without using his hands or feet

hi bob this is bob responding to ur most interesting comment. only 3 dollars for pickles?!?!?!!?!??!!? IS THAT LEGAL!!!
are u sure they were grown without pesticides?
anyway about the chicken do u think u could cook it for me and send it in the mail to my house which is really big and has a yellow roof without shingles on it. anyways check on the pickles u just bought if they turn yellow in a few days then the are not grown with pesticides and it really was a bargain.

hi bob, this is bob

hey bob, i wont forget, the chicken is sitting in the ashes of my fire cooking rite now...are u sure you live one that road????, i only saw a green house, a red house, a pink house, and a purple house, but no yellow house...maybe thats because im coulor blind, lol. well i went to the store to check the pickles and guess wat they werent even pickles, the grocery store was messing up my mind and sold me pizza , so i bot rootbeer and watched a movie. well bye bob

bob the guy who eats the most pickles without using his hands or feet

not pickles?!?!?!?! u should sue! grocerey stores should be forced to sell ppl wat they think they are buying or else the entire economy could fall into ruins. if u want to sue go to www.sueu2.com u can sue pretty much anyone for any reason with no questions asked. and wat movie did u go to see? was it shrek or spiderman or something else? btw if u see a cow fly by it is probably mine i lost it while i was illegaly breeding supercows(dont tell anyone) so if u see one send it over in this general direction and hopefully i will find it. If i do i will send u part of it as a gift because i know it taste awesome. also ty for the chicken it was delicious but i think it was an illegal immigrant because i couldnt find a passport.


Why is it that most deep-sea creatures are ugly?

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Battleships versus aliens seems much less exciting, and because it's one of those goofy high concepts that often power summer blockbusters, I'm not sure if it would really need or benefit from the "source material" to draw in the crowds, whereas a straight battleships-vs.-battleships film might-- if the game is as popular as the studio seems to think it is-- benefit and/or need the association with the source material to be financially, as well as aesthetically, successful.

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