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yeah... hopefully this will be a reality... with more speed then any other racing sport i think this will hit big.. and later they will master camera angles and all that good stuff... then it will really catch the eye of everyone...


Sounds like yet another waste of fuel to me..


waste of gas? yes. waste of time? yes.


Fuel well spent indeed, This is big!
When can i book my seat? :)!


Far from hiting the skids, we are in excellent shape and are just itching to fly our new bird for everyone to see and enjoy!

Dave, you want a ride, just send us your info and we will make sure you're in line.



Get real, We can barely get things off the ground here in Tattoie....
Aniken Skywalker.


I looked all over the net and see no one up in the sky flying, not even on the RR site. There is one craft trying to get into outer space. I think this is a boon-doggle.
They re getting interest up....for what to sell a video game?? Lots of talk little action, and reading through the lines of the Leading Edge crew, I see there is no substance in this effort, until they get off the ground and at least fly demonstration races, if only at 1/2 speed.
I would love to see this happen, I've followed space flight since Alan B. left the atmosphere, but Rocket Racers, I'm as skeptical as hell of you guys!!

John Rodgers

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Which is the next generation sport for the 21st century: Slamball or Rocket Racing League?

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There is one craft trying to get into outer space. I think this is a boon-doggle.

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I would love to build my own rocket and then try it out. One thing about competition. It is that you try to build the best thing ever to avoid shame to be the last one in the competition.

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