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Sam Naga-naga-nagonnaworkhereanymore

I just rub a little dirt on whatever's clean because you can, you know, exfoliate anything. If stuff is like real dirty, I use sand because sand is the cleanest subject on Earth save for moonbeams but I save those in a jar and wouldn't waste them on cleaning when they're so useful for exorcisms.


As a mom of three growing children I found that when I would buy produce before we could consume it the produce would go bad. That doesn’t surprise me seeing as how everything goes bad before you can eat it nowadays. Even if I would juice the produce it did not taste as fresh as the day I brought it home. I researched the reason and found that there is device that works in your refrigerator that will help prolong the shelf life of organic produce plus it kills bacteria. It is the best thing I have ever owned and I think everyone should own one. I found it at www.orderminimate.com. It’s called the Mini Mate. I have had mine for over 60 days and it has already saved me $20.00 which is a fraction of what I paid for it. Has anyone else ever used this before?

Green Cleaning Products

There are still soap that are made up of green and naturals ingredients, it is safe for the environment and to our health as well.

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