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Asimov's laws were for robots that had human level intelligence (or better.) IRobot's creations can be outthought by a cockroach. We should be more concerned about the ethics of the people using the things. Gitmo, Abu Ghraib, Warrantless Wiretapping anyone?

Peter Smedskjaer

The three laws plus one can be compared to tools, as the man himself did. 1 A tool mustn't harm its user, so a knife will have a handle and a cable will have its jacket. 2 A tool must perform its intended use without hurting the user. 3 A tool must be durable enough to be used.
However, a zeroth law was added later on, that states that a robot must act not only in the interest of the individual human, but it in the interest of all of humanity, and may not bring harm to humanity through action or inaction. In the best interest of humanity, that taser robot must act.

Question mark

How is this any worse than a Predator armed with a Hellfire missile? Both the iRobot and Predator are robots, both are remotely operated, and the missile is slightly more lethal than a Taser I think. Furthermore, armed Predators have been around for 5 years. Does a Taser-armed iRobot really introduce any new questions?

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Where can I buy robot arms?
Not that I absolutely need them or anything. I just think it would be the climax of badassery.

cheap computer

I think this would be the violation of the product and may be people would misuse it eventually when they know that how these rifled arms work. Very informative article.
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