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Judging by most of the comments here, Popular Science is a magazine for people with Bush Cheney 2004 bumper stickers still boldly displayed. Shouldn't you guys be riding your quads over small animals and vegetation while pounding Bud Light? Yahh bro!! Gnarly!! I think I'll stick with National Geographic.


thanks you


thanks you


if yall @%&*(^) had a 2.5 pg essay and yall looked off this it would not do a god damn thing 4 yall this is a stupid web site and the three gorge dam is stupid and ok the country is in a bad spot right no but dont lie to the people the dam is bad not good

2 every1 who is worried out the good side

ok all yall fucccc ers yall is stupid i wanna kno abut the good side of the three gorge dam for a fuccing project i have to do b cause of a fuccing teacher and my stupid group (lolz) so gve me the good side of the story p3@c3 out bitches


Perhaps one should remember that the choice is not "Dam or no dam" but rather "dam or 40 giant polluting coal power plants." Put that way, why not the dam?


Perhaps one should remember that the choice is not "Dam or no dam" but rather "dam or 40 giant polluting coal power plants." Put that way, why not the dam?




thank you very much


One reason we can't build a dam of this scope in the United States is that we don't have a river of the scope of the Yantzee.


I’d be interested in an updated GoogleAnalytics chart (may be two with about six weeks coverage), just to see if the effect did wear off after a while and also, did others link to your new name with the same link-text (allinurl:…). I hope you will publish a follow up.

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i like this part of the blog:"Despite the protests and charges of corruption, the dam is still slated for completion by 2009. When the last switch is flicked, it will be the largest generator of electricity in the world. Each year, the power churned out by its 26 turbines will be equivalent to that produced by 40 millions tons of coal or 18 nuclear power plants. At working capacity, one-ninth of China's energy will come from the dam. Whether the benefits will outweigh the costs, though, has yet to be seen. " is very good


The carbon side of the project would be nothing compared to the amount Americans spend every year.


I think the chinese will do whatever they want no matter what anyone else says


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