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How odd that nowhere in the article did the mention the Architect who designed the tiny house and his continuing advocacy for small living.


Sally Brown

First of all the Carbon Scare is a hoax to micromanage every facet of our lives. Secondly the Carbon Scare has a hidden, much more ominous agenda, including genocide. It think all those involved in hysterics of the new Religion (and it IS a Religion), should research the implications of this diabolical plan.

Ivan Moroz

CO2 is good for plants and trees!! Plants and trees can not survive without CO2. More CO2 is good for our planet! Don’t be selfish- BE GREEN – emit more CO2!!!


I can't believe the negativity associated with some spoiled people being exposed to an alternative lifestyle. First of all, Learethak, the carbon scare is NOT a hoax, but even if it was, we would all live happier, healthier, and more God-conscious lives if we all followed her lead. Secondly, Sally Brown, yes, plants and trees do use CO2 for survival, HOWEVER, too much CO2 can throw us into an ice age due to the melting of the ice caps causing desalination of the oceans. I applaud Dee Williams for her bold approach to life and laughing in the face of the almighty status quo. The world would be a better place if more of us followed suit. Sadly, most of us are too spoiled and too fearful of losing the room to house all those wonderful possessions that really serve no purpose in our lives other than to give us something else to dust!

Ellen Bell

I'd love to know what type of brand of composting toilet she's using.


This house is totally wild. I love that dedication. But only 84 square feet... I thought I was doing my part. Dee Williams of Olympia, WA, you are my new Green hero!


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Do you have any homes under 3000 sq ft that you are building? My husband and I are looking to build a new home in the next year and are interested in a green home. We want to find out what kind of prices are out there for a house that is approximately 2000 sq ft. We really don't need anything bigger than that. Can you give us some feedback of how much a house like this would cost and the names of some builders if you don't build this size home?

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Is this real? Petite type of person can stay in this house, so cool.

Keitha Defreese

This is inspiring! If only more people were like her, then the world would be a better place! LOL! Sounds familiar, right? But kidding aside, it's good to know that there are people who are environment-friendly and savvy at the same time.

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