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Stephen Macklin

How col would it be to travel through space dressed like a Power Ranger?


Great, now they'll never let fat people be astronauts.

Tony Zafiropoulos

Of course fat people will not go into space in the first 30 missions.

1. must be healthy - lots of fat people are not as healthy as standard weight people.
2. less weight means more equipment and supplies can be brought on board.
3. no room for krispy creme in space.

Sorry if you want to go to space you have to lose the weight - it is not that hard - if you are motivated you can do it.

I lost 40 pounds myself (was ~230 to 188)

you can do it!!!

For your health and the exploration gene.


When the Aliens come, they will eat the fat ones first.


"When the Aliens come, they will eat the fat ones first."

Actually, I am sure that the Aliens, being as advanced as they are, will prefer lean meat over fatty meat. Skinny people make better snacks!


Okay, call me low class, but my understanding is that in the old space suits if you had to go to the bathroom you just went in the suit. There was room for, ahem, storage.

I'm not sure how attractive it'd be to walk around with a load in those pants. Is the expectation that you can run to the "bathroom" and pull down/up the new pants in time?

And how about hiding a boner? Aren't they more frequent in the weightlessness/low-pressure of space, especially if shapely female astronauts are wearing those suits?


"And how about hiding a boner? Aren't they more frequent in the weightlessness/low-pressure of space, especially if shapely female astronauts are wearing those suits?"

I would personally like to know this: How, um, hard would it be to take off one of these spacesuits? It'd be a shame to waste a potential Penthouse Forum moment because the suit required over an hour to remove...


Travel through space dressed like a Power Ranger? I think better of a Sky Rider saga.

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The suite is nice and fashionable.But what has this suite to do which normal wear.People don't wear such things in day to day life.This is something for astronomers.
A nice thing to have if you are an astronomer.

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Another new Space Suit and nothing more...

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