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I am so getting 1 of these


I am so getting 1 of these


But if the lid were a computer meant to be enjoyed while sitting, you'd have to totally twist around to play with it.

A flip-out-from-the-wall waterproof touch screen web-browsing computer, on the other hand, would be pretty awesome.


Check out www.cleanbutt.com same thing 1/2 the price available now

Peg C.

Ever since reading Dave Barry's column on toilet-flushing (water droplets everywhere including on your toothbrush!, according to scientific data), we never, but never flush the toilet without first putting the lid down. Surf the web on that???? Are you nuts?

Plus we have 3 cats. Dogs -- 'nuff said. But we have had to fish all 3 cats out of the bowl at different times when they were young and that memory stays with you, believe me. So in our house we don't have a seat up vs. seat down issue; the lid is always down. There will be no internet surfing on any toilet lid here.

Otherwise, the thing looks and sounds great and I'd definitely go for one...if it's affordable.


I first visited Japan in 1990 and high-tech toilets were already becoming ubiquitous. The Japanese have had heated seats, bidet and wash spray at the touch of a button (with adjustable water pressure and temperature), and the non-slamming lid for about two decades, not one as the article proclaims. I moved to Tokyo in 1997. When people asked me why I left N.Y.C. for Japan, Iユm only half joking when I say it was for the toilets.

Actually, the high-tech toilets are only one of the great bathroom features. I have a bathtub that is digitally programmable to fill itself with pre-set water level and exact temperature. Other rooms have speakers in the wall that let the bath tell me 5 minutes before it is ready and then announce that it is completely ready 5 minutes later. It shuts off the water automatically, of course.

One other nice Japanese design tradition is that the toilet is in a separate room, completely isolated from the bath and the sink, so that Randyユs concern from above is not even an issue if the top is left up. Additionally, the room with the tub is designed so that the room can be completely soaked with water, as people wash using a shower before actually getting in the tub, which is only for soaking. One last thing, the tub shape is different from the U.S. and Europe. More like a hot tub, its depth allows one to sit comfortably with water up to the neck or to stretch out horizontally ミ as one prefers. Water is expected to overflow and the floor is tiled to accommodate it.

Iユve often wondered why bathroom designers hadnユt taken hold off these innovative and extremely practical design concepts ミ now I guess itユs beginning to happen.


Call me a neo-Luddite; but I'll be damned if I'm going to spend ny money on an electric toilet seat...

NASA might be able to use 'em (considering the $19M the space agency spends on commodes for outer space; but I'm not about to run the risk of electrocuting myself in "that pose" or state of undress, etc...


Oh, geez? The world is going to hell in a basket and there's a "new high tech" toilet coming out?


Awesome, another useless invention from Japan.

I'm surprised it doesn't have a video screen and cell phone capabilities.


Might be useless to us, but Japanese cares a helluva lot on personal hygiene.
Also, it's something to reduce bathroom space and to make things more confortable on winter...
Living space is too expensive over there, so having a bathroom with bidet is not an option.
The newest ones in japan do have mp3, or a sound system (specially on women's bathroom) to cover... not-so-pleasant sounds?
Also, they have some paper towels with a cleaning solution on public bathrooms.
Of course, while some places has those, others still have plain simple western toilets, or worse: old japanese style toilets...
So yeah, a luxury. Kinda like shower with regulated pressure and stuff like that.
Stuff installed on shopping center bathrooms.
I want one of those.

Sitting Stone

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I copied this from their website for everyone's information:

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This looks so cool. Does it relieve your hemorroids while you are sitting on it?
If not. try www.hemorroidscured.com

Hemorrhoids Treatment

There's one thing I know to prevent hemorrhoid, avoid too much eating on spicy foods... and prevent also seating on the toilet bowl for couple of minutes or hour...

If this happen, you can use some over the counter hemorrhoid treatment that can cure.

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I would like to thank you for this post. I recently come across your blog and was reading along.


It is cool, thanks for sharing!

ny personal injury

Wonderful seat for couples.. :)

bidet toilet seat

I'm building a new room and this toilet bowl cover is perfect for my toilet. In fact I am sucker of internet and this cover is the great place for me even inside my bathroom. What would be the feeling of sitting their. Relax is all in my mind.

gas plumbing

Some of those seats are self deorodorizing which can be real nice. You will never have to worry about any unwanted smell anymore when you leave the bathroom.


Good day!
Good to hear that even a toilet cover improves a lot. That is how we can say that we really live in a high tech world. Good article.

toilet plumbing

With this high-tech toilet seat, technology proves its worth. I'm just wondering how much would it cost.

bidet toilet seat

Thanks for sharing this post!

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