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Stephen T.

Clap, clap, clap. Congratulations once again, China. My sister came back to the states with bronchitis-like symptoms after a year in Beijing. This is one of the many reasons I would not like to visit China. Because of the Olympics, potential travelers are not aware of all the dangers on top of this, such as unusually high level of traffic-related deaths, kidnappings, unsanitary tap water, and, my favorite, street fights.

jeff c

disturbing....its like living in china is the new gas chamber of the 21st.....if you don't forget that the #1 polluter in the world is still the U.S. Gotta wonder how many american's die yearly from it's industrial filth.

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I just moved to the US and I'm having trouble finding international and national news merged into one show. I just want the traditional news where the anchor reads the introduction, he/she talks about it, a video is shown and she just moves onto the next story.

I dont' want a discussion show, just traditional news :) Thank you. Please tell me what channel the show is on and what time as well as the timezone you're referring to. Thank you

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Pigs are friends of human beings

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