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That really is some picture. Google earth has just introduced some 3d features and it looks cooler than before !!!


Well,there are many more secrets that Google reveals, but they are hidden for the people that are not enlightened

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What a satellite shot...looks like an egyptian...

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The Google maps can reveal so many locations by taking pictures of the earth from space you can see rivers , mountains , valleys everything on the earth surface .
so this is very helpful to find the any location that you want to visit .

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i guess this is the best way to find things around the world!


This is so enthralling. I simply loved this! This pic is so very captivating!! I am curious to know about the area of this formation..


Thank You! For the idea you share to us keep up the good work and more power!

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Thank You! For the idea you share to us keep up the good work and more power!

I am very impressed to your post i bookmark your site as well

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Did you see the dead bodies in Brazilian Street View?

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Michael Solitary

its a fascinating article.. wow.. it looks like the one in the coin.. hm...

Ashton Keenon

I once saw a horse like image in google earth just like this one. i wonder who made this images.

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Wow thats an amazing picture they found!

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The truth is out there...

Account Deleted

The image at left, for example, is an overhead view of a natural geological formation in Alberta, Canada. Locals call it The Badlands Guardian, but based on the ear phone" that is very intriguing!

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Wahh.. Makasih Info nya kk ^_^

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Yeah this is old news..


great post thanks


I'll keep following your work :)


Incredible !!!!

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Those are really amazing shots from Google Earth. There are other more strange places caught, I saw them on vids.

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Very helpful and excellent review. I'm so excited to go over the content which is really high quality. Good Job! :)

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This is great. Google really spice many people's lives.


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