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The iPhone has a lot of shortcomings that a lot of major journalism outlets are failing to explore on a very analytical level. Sure it's easy to use, but it doesn't even have third-party development capabilities!! I think you might find www.iphailure.com an interesting blog.


my ipod cant get music from different computers onto it without erasing everything else. i have an older one, almost 4 years old, so maybe that was a feature on the later ipod that they fixed, but it always frustrated me for similar reasons.

John Mahoney

Your iPod should be able to get music from multiple computers; mine is a third-generation (also pretty old), and if you choose to manually manage your music in the iTunes preferences this should do it. Can't guarantee it works for others but I've never heard otherwise.


how do i make it sync with a different computer? i activated it on my dads laptop, but i want some music on it form my desktop and it wont recognize it in itunes, it only offers to grap the pictures..

Steve Portigal

Yep, I've got my iPod and my iPhone here with me in my hotel room in the UK, and I can play - via my PC - the iPod music but not the iPhone music. That just seems lame. I turned off the autosync and that didn't make a difference.

I don't have any of the music on the PC, that's what I've got the external devices for! To carry around a lot of extra data. Lame!

Jess C

I just ran into this as well. I sunc to my mp3's at home, brought the iphone to work. Now Itunes at work won't let me listen to those files! They are greyed out. Is Apple kidding me? I spent 400 bucks for THIS? This is outrageous.


If you set your iphone to manually manage your music you can access your songs on multiple computers.

Before you go out of your way to complain maybe you should look around at the settings

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