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God particle? Such a name could be more ironic. Some think that that it refers to finding the existence of God. Others think the term means that the particle in question is a supersymmetric ruling paricle over others. What if this quest is aptly named because it may lead to all of us facing God sonner than later? The new book and Dominium (ISBN 9780980096323) would indicate the irony of the last case.

Jake Testikles

Hey Muther Fuckers, hows it going?

Jayant Joshi

I see God as a source of energy or a new state of matter (like solid, liquid, gas, plasma etc.)or Super Atom
and I have written an article about it expressing my views about God. Any body who is interested can contact me at joshijk2003@gmail.com. I would be happy to share my views with him/her.


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