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What time was this posted? You've already got a bunch of questions to answer on PPXBroker...


An hour or two from when?


Can we bet on the next time PPX will go down?


Its been down for a long time. Its been most of the day. Hmm well we will see. Maybe my stocks are doing really well. I got two months for when it goes down next.


The site has been down since at least 1 p.m. Eastern on the 18th, and I've been trying every few hours since. A Futurestock for PPXCRASH would be great, with the timing set for 2 months.


It's been well over two hours since this announcement came up. It doesn't seem likely that the site will come up overnight.


Still not up, 9:13 EST on the 19th. Now reporting a MySQL connect error, looks like the DB server died...


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Add in the speed at which job ads open and close, plus the rapid rate of change in technology behind the sites, and it becomes critical that the methodology used to compare coverage between sites constrains the scope to allow rapid turnaround.

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