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Cool when's this coming to baseball?

Some Guy

Uh, why not just use cameras? I would trust reality over any simulation.

Nick T

It is interesting to wonder how John McEnroe (the bad boy of tennis) might have reacted if Hawkeye had been arond in his day?

Nick T

It is interesting to wonder how John McEnroe (the bad boy of tennis) might have reacted if Hawkeye had been around in his day?

Grant K

You cant use a camera because the frame rate means you frequently dont see the ball land as it is travelling too fast.


I'd understand why they wouldn't have Hawkeye turn on a high-speed (120 FPS)camera at the instant where they realize a call might be too close for a human Judge to call. That way they can show the players multiple views of the call in question.


A camera would not be able to capture the footprint that the ball makes when it hits the ground (grass, harc court, or clay). There would inevitably be some curvature obscuring the view of the camera from capturing an image of the footprint.

Realize that Hawkeye does in fact use cameras to create the flightpath and footprint of the ball, so while you may not be viewing actual photographs or video, you are viewing the result of calculations made from captured video clips.

Also, technology similar to that developed by Hawkeye has already been introduced in many MLB stadiums. They started comparing the pitch calls of the umpires with the hawkeye to determine how accurate umpires actually are. They have not, however, integrated the technology into the rules of baseball as they have in tennis.

Hawkeye has also developed their technology for cricket stadiums. Visit http://www.hawkeyeinnovations.co.uk


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