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Gamer Hero

Reminds me of Kevin Peirera's metal "Red Ring Of Death" mock music video.

Kate Spencer

I too had the 'ring of death' was told by Microsoft it was an overheating issue, they did a quick service repairing it though.

No Catch Free Xbox Elite

yeah mine had the same problem but I got sent a new one.

No Catch Free Xbox Elite

yeah mine had the same problem but I got sent a new one.

Barry Bond

The XBox Ring Of Death is a overheating issue that loosens the CPU. If your XBox is out of warranty there are some DIY fixes that will save the expense of $140 sending to Microsoft.


Hopefully they designed the slim 360 better than this one!

xbox 360 for sale new

New xbox 360 model should fix this problem already.

xbox 360 accessories

The red ring of death happens when these units are never allowed to cool down so I think it can happen with virtually any company producing consumer hardware; it's simply impossible to have a 100% no-fault rate on any product that rolls off an assembly line. The vast majority of xbox 360 consoles are still in the field in active play and have not suffered the same fate as yours. I understand that Microsoft is on top of it, though, and are actively repairing or replacing these units once you go through their customer support help ticket process.


This red ring of death problem is a real nuisance, and apparently the failure rate is quite high. My xbox went down recently and I needed a quick fix. Don't fancy doing the towel think, it sounds too risky!
You would think Microsoft would have enough buying power to make a decent system wouldn't you...?

Xbox Hard Drive

This red ring problem is truly a nuisance. I am sure many out there must have faced the same problem quite a few times.

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NCAA 2011 Rosters

Well, I bet I'm one of those lucky gamers who got a good Xbox 360.. I've been playing NCAA Football in it but it didn't overheat (and I hope it won't overheat in the near future).. I have mine 'til now and was very excited about NCAA Football 2011!! :)

vintage wedding rings

I highly agreed with ted at the point that red ring of death problem is a real nuisance, and apparently the failure rate is quite high.

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