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Do we know if time/light bends around it?


Do we know if time/light bends around it?

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very intreting a Hole in the Universe people I want to emphasize this blog Excellent my friends have lots of views in the comments that I feel great, keep in that way.

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Proposed alternatives to physical dark matter particles have been to suppose that the observed inconsistencies are due to an incomplete understanding of gravitation or dynamics. The observations require that the gravitational force is stronger than the Newtonian approximation at great distances or in weak fields; this model is called modified gravity(MOG). Another proposed model is modified Newtonian dynamics(MOND), which adjusts Newton's laws at small acceleration.

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Stop-action animation is indeed overlooked by not only the Academy, but the public, as well. Too many times has animation in general been snubbed and been dismissed as child's play, impervious to profundity and sophistication.

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Did you read the book of Steven Hawkings ? he is an authority in all about black holes and astrological stuff.


I have felt intrigued about cosmos since ever. I think is interesting how astronomers discover new things every single day, like this wide hole, because it help us to get more information about universe where our planet is located and to know what we have around us.

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