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This is madness, even for professional climbers.
He actually climbs faster than SpiderMan himself. XD


this IS impossible - at least this video is obviously not a single take - if you know anything about film or video production, there are at least seven different cameras working to create this video, most of which are within ten or twenty feet of the climber at any given time, with some that are actually close enough to get a close up of his hands and feet - add that to the shot that starts on the climber and pulls all the way back to show the cliff surface... where we see no other climbers, no cameras, no setups, nothing on the face of the rock besides the climber - THAT is impossible. to make this video, there had to be several other climbers armed with cameras in order to take the close up shots - and we never see another person nor cameraman in any one of the shots - this video was obviously shot over many different climbs and pieced together to make it a single scale from top to bottom - sorta makes you question the time up.

Dennis Reiley

Evidently XSportSeeker has never encountered telephoto lenses. Camera angles are readily conducive to using telephoto lenses from the ground and the top of "Bear's Reach". The video also shows the over confidence that led to the eventual death of the climber.

Gravity exists and all climbers eventually make errors. Smart climbers always climb with a partner and always use ropes. More people die an accidental death from over confidence than any other cause.


i saw dans speed ascent on dont try this at home! a tv programme hosted by davina mcall years ago. the ascent is not a fake, there were climbers on the rockface in the video i saw! dan simply climbed over them!


The video is no fake, but sure it's edited. Whether he did it that quickly I seriously doubt but that only means he climbed the wall 'free solo' (without rope or other safety equipment) several times this style, making it even more risky. Adrenaline junkies sometimes do grow old, but more often they don't. The shoes are high friction shoes, specially designed for rock climbing. The sole is probably Stealth rubber. Osmond didn't die climbing as I recall, I believe he tried a sort of bungee jump stunt but miscalculated the length or stretch factor of the ropes he used. Another well known 'spiderman' is Alain Robbert, a frenchman freeclimbing tall buildings all over the world.

Billy Passarella

There are bold climbers and there are old climbers,but very few old bold climbers Paul Ross being one of them.

Ryan Coisson

Dan Osman was an incredible climber and a great person to be around. If you don't know much about his climbing just google his name or check out youtube there are a ton of videos of him there.

It was sad when he passed, but Dan died doing what he loved (rope jumping) and we will remember him.


04-02-2005, 19:56
Ok then, so here's the question, who are your heroes? Personal or Public, real or fictional, sporting or....er....not, maybe even bushcrafti.....
I'll get the ball rolling,
Dan Osman - legendary climber and free faller, took everything he did to the limit.
My Papa (mum's dad) - as true an Englishman as you could hope to meet, apparently its from him I get my sense of adventure.
Lance Armstrong - nuff said!
Hobbits everywhere!!!!!
Plenty more but I dont wanna take all the post.......

tacfit warrior review

I was just turned on to this guy. I find it amazing what the human body can accomplish. It's too scary to watch, but you can't not look.

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