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Chris Campbell

This completly relates to Maplestory, a extremly fast growing community playing this MMORPG. There are children, that actually spend more then 48 consecutive hours playing this game, or even just talking to people digitally. Its like a mass messenger, not all are friends, and the main aspect of the game is to kill, and to be better then the next person.. full of Hikkikomori's..

Modern Polymath

This coincides right along side with our continuing shift to the faultless person. "It's not my fault.... I have an addiction!!" This sickens me.

charter jet

Yeah, sometimes it is. We should discipline ourselves when using the internet!

Luke Hamilton

viagra online

You're talking about active computation -- the bits going through processors. How about the mass of stored data? All of the massive storage arrays the large net players have should account for something.

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