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Craig Anderson

Emery County Coal mine disaster.
Governor Huntsman

Please accept this suggestion for recovering the trapped miners as, only , an offer of support to those involved.

There is a safe means of recovery in the Crandall Canyon Mine.

Arch structures with I beam support on the floor.
Possible: Bomb Shelters developed by the Interior Dept., stockpiled at the National Guard Armory Station.

The main seismic activity location is in direct relationship with the geological fault line. This can be tunneled with the supported arch system.

Please be considerate of the locals wishes for recovery.

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the richter scale is logarithmic, meaning that each increase of 1 on
the richter scale corresponds to an increase of 10 in the amplitude of
the seismic waves created by an earthquake. An earthquake that
measures 8 on the Richter scale has how many times more ground-shaking
than a quake that measures 6 on the richter scale?

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