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Big G Makes WoW Gold

I would think that Linden (Second Life) would be a better place to experiment with viritual viruses than WoW.

WoW Guide Lover

amazing, I don't think they can do that in world of warcraft :-)

click hear

That is very interesting. I knew there had been some studies done on the economics of MMORPG's but not plagues. Amazing stuff.

Curtis Dawson

Hello, Thank you for this information, keep up the good work!


That's very interesting actually, it's funny that they had the idea to actually release a virus. In the real world however, it would be pure chaos.


On second thought, I bet most of those addicted wow players went crazy trying to rid their characters of the disease, much like the real world.


wow gold guide lover

I love this game. This is a great article. Thanks!

strategy  guide fan

One word: love it. OK 2 words.

harter jet

It's good to know that the World of Warcraft case presented an opportunity to study the behavioral side of plagues.


Wow Professions Guide

I always thought Wow was a great place to experiment. I mean people are totally free to be themselves without having to face social norms. Some people really show their true colors. But this virus thing, I dunno, seems like it has a potential to damage equipment.

Just my two cents though. :D


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wow gold guide

i wonder what useful findings can they really find out... yeah, i'm sarcastic. just study the real world

WOW Gold maker

Ooo WOW that sound like something...

I think that you can learn a lot about human behavior from online games.

Just look at the WOW Auction House and all you can learn from it in comper to the stoc market...

World of Warcraft Gold making guide

It is funny that they released a virus in World of Warcraft

secret gold guide

Just around the corner! We finally are going in to a new virtual world. with food, sex and online jobs! only part of the body lef will be the brain!

Wholesale Suppliers

It is not difficult to introduce the virus but difficult is how to spread it among people, What should be the reason that one will suffer such virus.

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