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Considering a Taser? Which one should you buy? What’s the difference?

Many people ask me which Taser product to buy, and what the differences are in the 3 consumer models. Here’s a simple breakdown that might make it a bit easier to decide.

The Taser C2 is about the size and shape of an electric shaver, and its appeal is that it does not look intimidating. Many times, a non-gun appearance could be more appropriate. It delivers a jolt that lasts 30 seconds, so that someone can run from the attacker. It uses a proprietary disposable battery that lasts about 50+ shocks. The
Smart Life Store Super Starter Value Package at $349.99, comes with Taser C2, 3 cartridges, Power Pack, Target, and a soft carrying case/holster. This holster is to carry the C2, but not to wear it. The Taser C2 comes in many designer colors and prints, and it works well in a purse. They do make soft and hard holsters you wear on your hip as well. This model is popular with the ladies, but it’s suitable for anyone not wanting to carry a pistol type defensive weapon. http://www.smartlifestore.com/sls/index.php?ccUser=20e0b6d6a9f9f6740316edd4be752ede

The M18L is a pistol style, definitely larger, comes in black/yellow or yellow/black so that no one confuses it for a real gun. It is definitely more durable, and the standard of the many security companies and bailbonds men. It takes 8AA batteries so that you never have to worry about waiting for the power pack to recharge, and there are recharger kits available if that what you like. It comes with 4 cartridges, a hard protector case so that your guards can store it safely back in the office when they finish their shift. Your guards probably wont "run away" from the attacker, however they will want maximum control. For that reason the M18 jolt last 5sec, and you can blast them repeatedly if you have to. I think an M18 will last you longer in the long run, in terms of durability.
Unfortunately, the M18 doesn't come with a holster. Holsters come in thigh and hip style.

Finally there is the X26c line of consumer Tasers. This is a super cool, futuristic looking pistol style unit, popular with police, and other professionals. This is the popular police model that has features a software upgradeable shock delivery unit. It comes in black, yellow and clear. The shock lasts for a full 10-30 seconds, and has a numeric digital display of power level remaining . There is also an attachment available that allows you to record and download all of that Taser x26’s activity during its use. It come with a carrying case, 6 cartridges, soft carry holster, practice target and training materials. This unit is available at SmartLifeStore.com for $649.99

All of these 3 Tasers deliver the same number of volts, 50 Volts with pulsed wave for max muscular incapacity. All Taser orders from www.smartlifestore.com always come with free shipping, and great service!!

Rich at Smart Life Store

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