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Eric H

I'd say that the domestics are simply behind on the hybrid R&D effort and can't economically produce the MPG you see in the japanese models, and the "hybrids" you see from them are merely a business decision to put out what they can and capitalize on the "hybrid" name glamor. Of course, if I need a pickup or SUV (and some people do), I can at least get a little MPG boost.

Maybe the domestics learned their lesson - GM may just come out first with a commercial plug-in hybrid, with Toyota announcing big delays in their competing system that uses the same Li battery technology as the famous burning laptop batteries.

John J. Rumsey

They stubbornly cling to using the IC engine as the prime motive power. They use fuel from start to stop. A Model T Ford could do 28 mpg, so much for technological improvements.

Since 80-90% of driving is done within 30 miles of home an electric car would be great. The problem is if you need to go farther, use AC, heat, power steering and brakes and accessories. Then the EV becomes a car so costly that only the rich can afford them. Steam engines are cleaner, more efficient and just as safe compared to IC engines. They also are more multi-fuel capable. Use the steam engine to run an onboard generator that keeps the batteries charged. Most of your driving would be as an EV and very little driving would be using fuel. That keeps the cost down, there is no 6+ hour recharge delay when driving beyond battery range and no need to buy or rent a second car for long trips. When parked at home, just plug it in to recharge for the next day. With this system you would have all the convenience and flexibility of a conventional car, but your mpg of fuel would be very good. E-mail beesidemeusa@yahoo.co.uk for more on this, just ask about steam-electric hybrids.


what happaned to the totoal elect. auto i saw a oakridge tn, over 20 yrs ago

Wedding Photographers

I'll be glad when we get some real fuel efficient cars that aren't simply the hybrids of today. Once we exceed 40-50 miles per gallon on the average car, then we will be getting somewhere.

Wholesale Suppliers

What satisfying here are the efforts to save our planet producing green cars. People are going towards these cars not because of green environment but they love to save their fuel consumption, and hesitate because of their low speed.

Air Suspension Kits

Whatever reason people have in choosing hybrids, for sure, its benefits them. Automotive industries offered us different innovation in cars and it is up to our choice.


There is no such thing as impossible with technology. I'll keep visiting for more of your posts.

HID Conversion Kits

Your blog is really informative and this is so interesting. I'm gonna bookmark your site so that I can visit this for updates.

LED Accessories

We need to find ways on how to reduce such carbon emission or air pollution. This blog is very helpful.

Air Ride Parts

It would have been better if they had removed the hybrid part. They are just getting on the hybrid business and not doing it right.

Chevy HHR cold air intake

When using the battery, I guess it turns out to save fuel. But after all is over for the battery that's when things get messy.

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