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wow. chinese people are so lame it's not even funny. what's their deal? their not smart enough to design their own products so they have to clone ours?


Ipods are made in China willie :P


But they are designed in California...


Hey willie people copy other peoples stuff all the time its called being competitive if it wasn't for America stealing democracy from the Greeks and the industrial revolution from the Brits, or what abut all the new technology we steal from China, alot; if it wasnt for stealing you would have an ipod nano to steal so quit crying you lame loser and don't open your mouth if you don't know what your talking about


Stealing is what industry is all about, its not so much theft as it is upgrading.10 days after is realy fast for a reproduction though... they probably have spys inside of apple or something hehe.


Another issue is that... many of the clone's are even better.. and or have more functionality than the real thing... look at the iphone clone that was reported on.. if the story turns out to be true, you have a phone that for one has a replacable battery.. "probably" has better functionality AND.. it is unlocked.. (the unlocked part is really not that important anymore since the iphone was hacked)..

here in the US.. we get "stuck" with things.. you get what the manufacturer decides you get.. and they tell you "you better be happy with it".... in China, they are giving the people what the manufacturer decided not too.... so, if you want to complain.. complain to the US manufacturers and designers who either so not have enough forsight or are just too greedy.. either way... they lose..


The Chinese are going to improve the nuclear missile one of these days. Then, they can duke it out with the Japenese and the U.S. Go U.S. and Japan!


the difference here is the lawsuits. If you copy anything, you get sewed so fast that your standing on the street with you glass of lemonade still cold. Everywhere else, it's different.


Yeah willie, Shut up. Do you download music from something like limewire, or just buy off of iTunes store? That's also technically stealing!! Other than that, U.S. & Japan vs. China nuke war is a bad idea. Nobody survives a nuke untouched, except the COCKAROACHES!! WE'RE NOT COCKAROACHES!!! WE'RE HUMANS, lemme spell it for you, H-U-M-A-N-S. That and there's nothing wrong with Japan. Japan is cool. Arizona isn't.


i have 16Gb iphone. and after acquiring this gadget i found out that this phone freezes almost everyday, sometimes twice or trice a day.
wtf... we cant access the battery to have the forced reboot.

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