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Stunning! A brand-new mono-45x45 stereo- 8 Track-4 Track, Cartravision - V Cord II VHS-BetaMax BRay-HdDvD competition. I can hardly wait until my 60" CRT RPTV fails. Until then: I have a vastly better SDTV picture than *ANY* HDTV-READY-ALMOST 16x9 pillar-box approximation. Have taken a factory-made SDTV DVD to 8 different retail establishments to test the picture quality...mostly on "up-convert" DVD players. Results: Why bother?

Not worth the effort.


Not me thanks, I'll wait for OLED to explode. It's cheaper, has better image, a fast response time, and uses a fraction of the power a LCD screen would.

Come on Sony, you screwed up the PS3; make ammends by giving us kick-a...butt OLED HDTV's!

FED TV Reviews

With the latest announcement from FET, Canon will surely be working harder on getting the SED television out before the end of this year.

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Wow.. What a nice effect this is.. I like it.. I'm gonna buy digicam next month.. Hopefully if God forbids me too. i want to create something.. to explore my talent as a person.

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These HD TV's are much common now. Infact I have heard from few companies offering a few HD channels for free on contract with them. Like Sky TV.

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ext month.. Hopefully if God forbids me too. i want to create something.. to explore my talent as a person.


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He is a good friend that speaks well of us behind our backs.

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