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Would love to have one of those as my computer monitor


This will be the next craze for 2008+ Christmas! The great thing will be if they could have these ultra thins as large as 100 inches. Then could be used in museums and art galleries with special kinds of art - a movable dynamic graphic with moving colors and structures. May be psychological healers too!


Chris Tesch

The premium for 2" verses a 5" probably will be prohibitively expensive for a while, ruling it out as the "must have" for Christmas 2008. I do understand that thinner is ALWAYS better, but I'm curious to see whether or not the quality will remain consistant or better....


Rich man's eye candy. With the pending recession, Joe and Mary Beercan won't be able to jack some $$$ out of the home equity line and add it to their toy shelf.


Could "external electrode" mean the the whole back of the TV is filled with fluorescent gas so that the electrode used to excite the gas molecules would be in the open inside the cabinet as opposed to being inside a tube?

Just a thought.


Hey, if these get made then maybe all the 5 inchers will get cheap!!

Mike Cioletti

The ultra thin sets are mad with OLED technology (Organic Light Emitting Diode) . Sony was showing their new OLED sets at the CES convention this past January. The specs for an OLED set blow-away anything LCD could ever hope to achieve.

* 1,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio

* > 100% NTSC color reproduction

* 1080p resolution

Checkout the rest of the facts at:


Wow, these things keep getting thinner and thinner. I can definitely see these lowering the price point on the 5" models. I would like to see one of these to compare the quality to whats out there now.

Cheap LCD TVs

I love how thin this is. Put it on my list for TVs to get.

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