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I am going to buy 50 in the rocket racing league since it looks as if might be a sucess

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Peter Diamandis on the Future of the X Prize Cup is a very good post, thanks for sharing!

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Kiewit had no interest in running the World-Herald, Gottschalk says,
"but he didn't want his hometown paper owned by someone else." The
next year, he bought out the heirs of the founding Hitchcock family,
then set about creating an ownership structure Gottschalk calls "as
bulletproof as any in the industry."

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I'm also going to buy a land in the moon...crazy people

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He is a great person.Besides serving as chairman of the X PRIZE Foundation, Diamandis is also the CEO and co-founder of Zero Gravity Corporation, which offers parabolic weightless flights to the general public. He is also the co-Founder and a Director of Space Adventures,

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Peter Diamandis is really appreciable person


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Never give a party if you will be the most interesting person there.


I think the defeat to Dutchman, at this World Cup they deserved the victory more than others. I, though not an octopus, but predict a goal Sneijder.


At first I wanted to root for the Dutch, but after the first of their rudeness - the impact on the legs, they are still pretty and I was rooting for the Spaniards. Both teams showed rudeness, but hit in the chest Spaniard boots with studs - at all in any gate.

It seems that the Dutch, their coach, deliberately placed a bet on the super-tough game, like a little intimidated the Spaniards, to break their will

Is not it the judges to provide at least what some cell phone with a large screen so they could watch replays directly to the field and make decisions more objectively, and without wasting time?

Forlan - the best football player - announced

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I have seen my friend suffer from breast cancer… now she isn’t with us anymore. Let us all together fight against it before others fall prey to it.

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Love that picture of him jumping through the air!

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We’ve done it for three years, and we’ve learned a lot every year. I think there is a market for one or two of these [events] every year. Maybe there’s a market for more, I don’t know.


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