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Seems to me that this could be misleading.. the composite is presented in such a way that it appears that the camera pov is way above the van when in fact it's much lower... as a result the side or front cameras could be looking under an object with which the vehicle is about to collide.. especially at each corner of the vehicle. Examples could be anything from knee to waist level such as the bumper of another car or a railing. The rear camera I think would work fine, and for the front camera this wouldn't be such an issue since the driver's real field of view isn't as limited. This seems like an excellent system to keep you from hitting the curb, but not so sure about anything higher than that. Perhaps if the side cameras were mounted higher?

jupudi pramodh

dear designer this is a wonderful creativity.
rather this may be a failure,because not all the drivers are so skilled to observe the surroundings in the screen.but it shall be a success.congracts for your success.hatsof for ur creativity.

Wholesale Suppliers

Of course this is a good creativity, but it is not easy to use at all. One need to practice a lot to drive through these cameras. But one thing which is much concerning here Infinity EX35 is too costly without cameras i.e; its premium price is $37,400, and after attaching cameras it would go higher that the range.

Brady Cartee

You're definitely not gonna run over any child's toys left lying on the road with a camera layout like that. Oh, and you've mentioned something about parallel parking. That's gonna be great if you really want to get that last bit of parking space. That is if it's gonna fit. I wonder if they're gonna develop this system for other cars.

Bryan Tyler

By the looks of the system, it will cater to those who are driving an SUV, those who are new to driving an SUV, and those who are not confident about their driving skills. If this system will be made for other types of cars like sedans, I wonder how it will reduce the number of accidents on the road.

Drop Suspension

This is a great innovation. Hoping this wold be revolutionized in the auto industry.

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