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Roy Lahr

The car show tornado is not nearly as spectacular as one produced here in Los Angeles (San Fernando valley, to be specific). In a giant warehouse, a sky crane helicopter blade was spun using a large gasoline engine, about 500 hp. as I remember. It created an enormous twister, with real power. It was used for shots in the movie called "Twister". It could even have "addditives" (smoke, fire, etc) to make the vortex more dramatic.

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I didn't know there a Museum for Mercedes Bens cars! dude, it must be like heaven to y father, you know, because he always loved these cars more than any other brand.


this is a excellent way to make climate experiment, in fact many of the result about tornados come from places like this, I hope that some day I have the chance to visit this place and see with own eyes, the force of the nature in human hands.

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