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ok thats goin too far dude


Glen-you are right this is a bit to far,and weird . . i sure am glad my (private) school isn't doing this then who ever would be "tracking" me would see how very weird i can be lol. :c ),


Kaitlynn private schools may fall to the microchip one day too. Home schoolers like myself will never fall to the chip unless the parents of the family orders us kids to get them. Even then I would have to see some benefit to it all.


That's not such a bad idea. Keep tabs on those little troublemakers.

Jokes aside, that can actually be really helpful in the case of emergencies and whatnot.

Guys, quit freaking out.


The students were WEARING them? Well if I were a student at this school, I'd just take it off, set it in a crowded gym or classroom, and then off I go. If they found it, I'd say I lost it.

If this were really to work, they'd have to do an internal implant.


Bloody hell! I'm glad I don't go to this school. Poor kids.

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Not telling

I highly doubt that this is true. I know lots of people who go to the school in the photo.

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Guys, quit freaking out.

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