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Sounds pretty interesting, just wish the article had a link to the actual pictures it took.

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Like a certain medieval hot period that has been "smoothed" out of existence just because it was inconvenient. But then again, that must not be a "surprise" to you and all those "respected scientists" you talk of. Because to you it is clearly all about respect really and how you get to that position where you have it so you can throw it around like it adds up to something, everything else is just a background.

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Wow! that's really amazing, who would ever imagine NASA using giant balloons in order to watch the outer space? sounds like a bad Sci Fi from 19th century!


It sounds incredible but it would be excellent to know if it'll work efficiently like the other methods used to those purposes, I think it is not the same but that's interesting knowing that they have other ideas to enhance their studies.

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Incredible telescope! who has this wonderful idea?

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