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you perverted geeks we nerds actually have morals

Richard Green

Wow, that embedded YouTube has some interesting 'related' videos after you watch the clip. Should YouTube really be advertising XXX homemade videos on your site?


Great stuff! Loved it!

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Great post! Technology is completely amazing. I remember seeing a camera that filmed 360 degrees and now this. I really like where this is going

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This technology is amazing, I can't wait until they bring it into console gaming ! :)

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Yes that is a nice idea but have you ever thought of going up to the biggest guy on the subway and telling him your thoughts on this. I wonder what he might do, or would you even do it.
John Assam
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Great blog! I really like the video and i dont think such company should do such thing by copying it if they have the knowledge of doing it themselves.

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Wow! This is incredible, how awesome would watching TV be if we had access to this.

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What an idea, Great tips, I would like to join your blog anyway.

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Wow! The video that you posted here is very amazing. I wonder how they do this kind of technology. I am very impressed.

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The Japanese never stops to amaze me...

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This is insane! I love that technology is allowing us to do stuff like this.

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