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mike d.

I think that tasers are good alternate weapons for police officers because they reload faster, and in some places the officers are required to shock themselves before using them in the field. I think the U.N. has good reason to take the precautions of not using them in the field. I mean who wants to use massive amounts of electricity on a person. It has been shown that if a person is shocked for a little while the heart begins to speed up. If the person is shocked for to long, the heart explodes, and the person dies in the next few bloody, agonizing minutes.


-What the U.N. seems to fail recognize is that a Tazer is a less than lethal WEAPON. Any tool used in the apprehension of a criminal has the potential to be lethal even when used in its intended way(pepperspray, night sticks, etc.) I am no fan of Tazer's; I beleive they have been misused by police here in the U.S. However I believe they can be an important tool for apprehending criminals.


Seldom have I been so disappointed in the UN.
First off, for the Committee to simply declare the use of Tasers a form of torture gives a seriously misguided sense of legitimacy to a potentially disastrous argument against the use of this life-saving tool. (Life-saving for the officers using it AND for the "victims" of its use.) And it delivers a massive punch to the gut of every police force and police officer that is currently implementing them in a reasonable manner around the world.
If Tasering is torture, is not the use of pepper spray or batons or BULLETS? Especially given that batons or firearms cause lasting pain and injuries, whereas Tasers practically always leave the victim unscathed but for a pair of pinpricks where the electricity-conducting darts penetrate the skin. (Those who have been hit with the Taser in media demos report that almost immediately upon the trigger being released, the pain subsides, the weapon's disabling effects vanish, and they feel none the worse for wear.)
Though certainly unfortunate, misuse of the Taser is not only far less dangerous than the misuse of other weapons at police disposal, but also less common. And yet, paradoxically, it recieves far more attention from the press.
For those who haven't seen the footage of the recent incident at Vancouver Int'l Airport, of the Polish immigrant who died after being subdued by taser-wielding police: First of all, he was tasered twice, completely unprovoked each time, and the officer responsible should most definitely face disciplinary action and criminal charges. My second point though, is that the most disturbing part of the video is not the tasering, but what happens afterwards-- i.e., the officers pinning him helplessly with his chest and stomach to the floor, his head turned to the side, then (and I believe it's the same officer who tasered him) one of the officers placing his knee on the man's head and pressing down with his full weight onto the man's skull, as if to keep the man from attacking with this one last available appendage. AND EVERYONE TALKS ABOUT THE TASER THAT SUBDUED HIM!


I agree with Matt. The use of a taser gun is no less torture then a baton or bullets. FYI The majority of deaths from Taser guns are in cases where the person being tasered is usually on Meth. Already their hearts are speeding up due to the meth in their systems, this making them not only harder to control, but harder to stop if they choose to come after the officer. A shot with a taser gun in the chest (the only place that will stop someone on meth, the legs and arms wont cut it) will sufficently "explode" the heart.
Even though most of the deaths are due to the taser + drugs, they still happen to people not hyped up, but is it torture? I think if an officer is trying to subdue some criminal that poses a threat to himself, the officer, and the public in the vacinity, then let them use the taser gun.


I would have thought they would specify a certain voltage and above as torture. If I have a Taser that's 5-volts, is that still torture? Wheres the line?

Wouldn't it also make better sense to force development of the technology to make it more of a less-than-lethal weapon or by having more requirements before it's use is authorized, rather than labeling the entire technology as torture?

Say "Yes Sir, Sorry Sir, I understand Sir, Thanks for the ticket Sir" and you won't end up on the ground squirming like a worm. Pretty simple huh.


Heil Hitler! Do as you are commanded and you won't be tased, is that what you are suggesting?
Read some of the stories of TASER abuse and don't be so ignorant. Not just criminals get TASED.

Our police state is becoming scarier by the day.


It IS torture and its very dangerous!
Tasers are potentially dangerous because a jolt of electricity, at just the right moment in the heartbeat cycle, can trigger ventricular fibrillation. There are vulnerable periods in the cardiac cycle, when shocks can cause dangerous arrhythmias. If you are shocking someone repeatedly, it becomes a bit like Russian roulette. At some point, you may hit that vulnerable period


The taser is an interesting technology that is being misused in many instances. Why not make tasers with intelligence that are less harmful. After so many shots it stops to prevent injury and death. Maybe shocking the abusing user as a of saying enough is enough already.




Hmmm, I'm an emergency doctor and see at least 1 taser "victim" each week. I remember 1 patient that died. He was high on PCP, and was in the middle of beating his girlfriend with a pipe. The fought off 5 cops and kept swinging until he was Tasered. It isn't clear if he died as a result of the shock, or the asphyxiation from the 5 cops holding him down after he was subdued. Suspects are routinely brought in by the police for evaluation with the taser barbs still stuck inside them.
Realistically, nobody dies unless they have a predisposing medical condition that makes them hypersensitive to the shock delivered by the Taser. So is it really torture? 99% of the cases have no long term effects, and they wouldn't have been shot with the Tasers unless they ignored the cops, tried to resist arrest or gotten themselves into the situation in the first place! Yes, there may be exceptions, but I'd rather the cops have them for the greater good!


All these "pre=taser" reports may be connected with company personnel as they seem to be the popular PR trash issued by Taser Company. I'm an engineer and scientist and have been studying the effects of electricity on the human body for forty years. Tasers are one of the most insidious torture devices ever devised, as well as death provoking. For years, the company has paid off people who have been severely hurt, or families of those killed to keep quiet. In one case, the darts had penetrated the spinal column and rendered the man permanently paralyzed, in another, an officer had had a man in a police car, handcuffed, and tasered him repeatedly for almost 10 minutes. This device is a political football since it has already been adopted across the United States before any real scientific information was provided to those making the purchasing decision, other than information from Taser Company itself, which issues misleading, and often false statements. Much more research is needed before such devices should be employed, if ever. Although I admit Tasers may "save lives everyday" by reducing police having to use lethal force, I also believe that torture, paralysis, heart stoppage, and other problems which Taser either ignores or hires high paying "experts" to deal with those issues on the public venue, these problems far outweigh the usefulness of the electrical shock device, and, now the "shotgun" version until controlled studies by independent labs can be done and properly assessed by parties unrelated to Taser. In the meantime, there should be temporary injunctions against the use of these devices by any department or person. And, if these studies are never done, then the devices true potential for death, paralysis, and horrible torture far outweighs the need for profit for Taser Company.

taser crasy

knob heads i would rather be shot with a taser gun than a .45 or what ever hand gun it is that cops use i would rather live. i got more chance of dying if the cop shot me with hand gun than taser, by the way with electricity is the amps that kill u not the volts i been zapped by camel fence thats had 5,000 volts being pumped through it and i still lived. go the taser, tasers are wicked besides anyone who get shot with one has obviously done something to deserve it.

Andy Rake

Im against tasers as i dont believe the Police would use them properly, and resort to them for the smallest of crimes to capture someone. They have introduced them in the UK and i was against it as there are too many meathead human beings working in the Police force here, thinking they are above the law and everyone else is below it.
I never used to walk around with any kind of weapon, but once i knew the police were tooled up with tasers that changed for me. I now have my own taser in my bag. Theres no way im going to accept a corrupt copper firing a taser at me for something i havent done or simply having an opinion in the street and not defend myself. Any policeman trying that with me will be tasered back. end of story.

larry miller

They complain about a devise that incompacitates people? I don't hear them complaining about guns and bullets that actually kill on the spot. If u ask me tasers should be used as a primary weapon and guns only as a last resort, & yes I own a couple guns.

robert dimond

There is a lot of debate in the blog world about the use of stun guns, or tasers, to subdue people who need subduing. Police throughout the country use tasers to help them capture unruly or dangerous people. But I guess the question is, should ordinary citizens be using them when they feel they are in danger?

I used to wonder about that myself; that is, before I came to know personally someone who was brutally beaten on the street and who could have used such a device to help him confront his tormentors.

Yes, the Second Amendment allows you to own and use a hand gun, with varying state laws relating to type of guns and why and how you use them. But a lot of people are still uncomfortable carrying a gun. And the consequences when you are forced to use a gun, of course, can be fatal. While some people may deserve that fate, depending upon their deeds, the idea of killing someone still bothers a lot of people.

That doesn’t make you any more or less patriotic or macho. It just underscores the fact that everyone is different.

But we are all the same when it comes to wanting to protect ourselves and our family; and there is now a device that can help us do that without having to carry around any feelings of guilt or concern about the “bad guys”. At the same time, a self-defense device such as the Stun Master Hot Shot will make sure the “bad guys” never forget you.

My friend works for a company that is located in a neighborhood that is frequented by ne’er-do-wells. Most of them are simply drunks and down-on-their-luck types looking for a handout. But there are also some dangerous gang members who feel life has treated them poorly and they try to extract what they consider to be “their share” from vulnerable victims.

My friend ran into that latter type one dark night after working late, and he suffered a terrible beating, sending him to the hospital for a long stay. When I look back on it, had he been carrying a Stun Master Hot Shot or something similar, he could possibly have prevented the two cowards who assaulted him from meting out such physical damage to him.

One of the advantages of the Hot Shot is that it looks like a Blackberry and can be carried on the hip. The biggest advantage, though, is that it packs close to a million volts, enough to render any attackers incapable of doing much of anything for five to ten minutes. That’s long enough to give you the upper hand to get away, call the police, and perhaps have the perpetrators behind bars by the time they fully come around.

There is no reason to feel guilty about putting the “bad guys” down with the force of a Stun Master Hot Shot. Often, they have even worse things in mind for their victims. And this kind of protection can provide you with a great sense of security. Everyone deserves to have that feeling.

Check out the Hot Shot at www.yoursecurityandsafety.com/hotshotstungun.htm

Self Operated Security

Why don't they ban guns first.Three of my friends were attacked last year, naturally I was upset. After looking into self defense products I stumbled upon a cell phone stun gun called the pretender. After a friend of mine bought one I decided to put these into as many womens hands as I could. I'm tired of the horror stories and crime stat's. So I decided to do something about it. Self Operated Secuirty now has 100's of items for personal and home defense. Check it out at sos-defense.com

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I have a family heirloom flintlock pistol that I would like to get
restored and preserved. It's had years of neglect, and I'd like to
find someone that can A) clean it up, B) condition it for
preservation, and if possible, C) mount it in a nice display case. I
want someone experienced and trustworthy for this task. The gun is
over 100 years old.

cheap kamagra

Right now my gun collection right now is mostly just Eastern Block Military peices. I love them all, and have lots of fun shooting them, however none of them are terribly valuable. I do have a few slightly more valuable peices such as a Browning Challenger III, a Ruger GP100, and a Ruger P89, and a Remington 870 Express Magnum 12 Gauge. I'd like to add a few more collectable and valuable guns to my collection, but I'd like some suggestions.


I agree that a stun gun or a Taser can be construed as a form of tourture if not used proprerly. The police are trained to use their Taser X26 in situations where using a trditional firearm would be too dangerous. Altuogh Tasers are not always non lethal, I belive they are a much better alternative than shooting a criminal with a 9mm hand gun.

coach sale

You have to accept whatever comes and the only important thing is that you meet it with courage and with the best that you have to give.

stun guns

i agree that the stun guns can provoke death, beceuse i heard a news about a experiment that Stun guns may cause fatal chaotic heart rhythm, according to "what doctors call cardiac arrhythmia, investigators in Canada report, based on animal experiments."


The U.N. is a joke. They don't have a viable alternative to suggest to Portugal so they should just shut up. Of course, I'm sure the U.N. is all for Palestinian muslims (not all Palestinians are muslims) having TASERS.

Michael "stun guns for sale" Calub

Stun guns cannot cause death as long as it is used in a right way. It is ver important that each person who will handle this gun is licensed and passed the screening test.

Donald the stun guns guy

The U.N. and many others are lost in this belief that stun guns kill. They are infact less than leathal weapons that if used improperly can kill, but it would have to be someone using it as a torture device which is not what stun guns are intended for.

Stun Guns Expert

These kind of very dangerous to handle and very harmful one while their usnin it for their protection. May be it will end of a dead from a human. I am agree with the U.N

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