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Now that is a scary thought, I way never touch water again....lol

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Aw! Poor baby, dont be scared of the boggie man. But you are right, I wouldnt want to cross paths with that thing. Sounds like you have no shot!

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Did I read that right? The deal has almost 2 foot claws? That would tear you in half in a heart beat. So big it could not support its own weight. That is unreal....

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I wonder how much that scorpion has to eat in a day to sustain itself? Does anyone know.....

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Probably has to eat 2-4 times its body weight to feel good about itself...lol...

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I hope this a warm water creature. Because you all have me freaking about going into the water next time....Could easily get your leg bit off and not know it...

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Could you imagine living in the prehistoric times and having to deal with animals of this nature on a constant basis. We dont know how good we have it....

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Eight foot long scropion. No thanks!

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Speaking of dimensions. I wonder what the weight of that thing would be....500-600 pounds? What do you think?

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500 or 600 pounds! No way! Much higher than that! Try in the area of 2,000 pounds.

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This animal is very interesting (Sea Scorpion), I would like meet this animal!

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What are some general facts about sea animals? It is for a 1st grade report and she needs some ideas. Thanks.

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It has a large spiny head with a tapering body. It is a mottled grey-brown in colour but can be darker, including black as base coloring (for examples, see this external link. It has a large mouth and spiny gill covers.
Nice facts about sea creatures.I like scorpion.Keep on posting such articles.

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British paleontologists is really Done a
great job. They should be appreciated........



hey buddy,this is one of the best posts that I’ve ever seen; you may include some more ideas in the same theme. I’m still waiting for some interesting thoughts from your side in your next post.

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