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frank leone

Chemtrails are very real and very toxic. I see them weaved over manhattan almost daily to the point the sun is blocked. How come nothing is said or done to stop the mass poisining of the world? PLEASE google chemtrails and learn what they are composed of and the reason they are being sprayed on us.


RE: Off the Grid, But Living in Style

I wonder how this type of building would do in the north half of the country or in Canada? I figure that the first serious winter and this house would be done in. Note, as I write this where I am it is 11 degrees below with a wind of around 50 MPH outside.


Chemtrails Fact or Fiction? Has the world come so blind they have only noticed these contrials in the sky after 911? Ice particles and condensation form on wings at high altitudes along with exhaust from the engine form cloud-like trails in the sky. SAC pilot should know.


Wow that thing looks ugly.
I can fix the fuel dumping problem, drop tanks with little parachutes.


Chemtrails and Contrails are two very different trails and can be easily distinguished from one another. Many people can confuse the two. The easiest way to distinguish the two is to observe the behavior and patterns of these trails. Contrails usually dissipate after a matter of thirty seconds to a few minutes. However Chemtrails do not dissipate in such a relatively quick period of time- they tend to widen and spread much like smoke does and the chemtrails can linger in the sky for hours if there is not steady wind in the portion of the atmosphere were they trails have been exhausted. Yes! Chemtrails are very real!

living off grid

Thats some house.

Home Generators

The house looks great and the idea is very good too. But it does make me smile every time I read about gravity led plumbing. So I'm guessing there will be no downstairs loos then? O/J smiley face.

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dining room sets

That house is one of the most amazing houses I ever saw. The design is one of a kind. I wonder what the feeling living in that kind of house is.

 jordan 11

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Wood Dining Table Gal

Wow! The concept of that house makes It great and amazing. We own a Dining Table ecommerce site and are always looking for great content to help inspire. Thanks.

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A must-have house for everyone! ~~ Wall Mirrors

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Excellent Idea. ~ Dining Table


This is a wonderful, playful concept for overly wealth and not overly busy millionaires.

Howard Elliott

An ideal house for a perfect family. Love it!

Wrought Iron

A very original concept and great looker.
I'd like to see the commentary on a follow up visit to know what it's like to actually live in.

Laura King

me too Wrought Iron especially if the family had kids lol

It is very original and very good to look at but is it practical?

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