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Kelley Eidem

That's an interesting approach.

I used a different method to cure my own Stage 4 cancer in two weeks.

Muhammad Afzal Farooqi

Very strange information for me that how nano tubes are useful for mankind to destroy the cancerous cells by frying with radiowaves through nano tubes.

Afzal Farooqi
Applied Physics
Alba Nova Center


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Scientists Fry Cancer Cells With Nanotubes
The next trick, according to the group, is figuring out how to deliver those nanotubes to the right spot.
John B. Barnhart

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Hey The scientists suggest that clinical trials of the technique, a continuation of work begun by nanotech pioneer Richard Smalley before his 2005 death, are at least three years away.—Gregory Mone

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El cáncer es un conjunto de enfermedades en las cuales el organismo produce un exceso de células malignas (conocidas como cancerígenas o cancerosas), con crecimiento y división más allá de los límites normales, (invasión del tejido circundante y, a veces, metástasis).

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Do you know if and/or how long cancer cells live and multiply in a body after the person is dead?

I know its a very random and weird question but my friend and I were talking and wondering about it...

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